Anthony Richardson’s 13-Year-old Brother’s Silky Baritone Voice Is Blowing Minds

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One of the fun things about the NFL Draft is that sometimes players’ families upstage the players themselves. It’s their night, but sometimes siblings, parents, or girlfriends steal the show. Indianapolis Colts draft pick Anthony Richardson’s younger brother was one of these show stealers.

Ahead of the draft, it was reported that Richardson and his younger brother were going to dress alike for the big night. That’s a cool idea, and they executed it well.

However, it wasn’t the threads that got people talking. It was what happened when the 13-year-old was handed a microphone.

Whoa. Now that is a set of pipes. Someone needs to get this kid a record deal or some VO work. Maybe, hook him up with a shift at the local radio station because this kid is sitting on a vocal cord gold mine.

Twitter Went Nuts Over Richardson’s Brother’s Golden Voice

This surprised folks at home, who didn’t expect that voice to come out of that kid.

I’m going to guess your voice didn’t sound anything like that when you were 13. I’m pretty damn sure mine didn’t either. That’s because, for most kids that age, their voice sits somewhere on a spectrum between Alvin of Alvin & The Chipmunks fame and Peter Brady when his voice was starting to change.

They don’t normally stray into Isaac Hayes territory the way Little Brother Richardson’s pipes do.

He said he idolizes his older brother, so I’m not sure if that means he hopes to play pro football.

However, on the off chance that doesn’t work out, grab a microphone, kid.

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