Anthony Richardson Impresses Immediately With Incredibly Selfless Gesture After NFL Event, Doing Everything Right Since Getting Drafted

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While we’re still a ways away from finding out if Anthony Richardson is the franchise quarterback the Indianapolis Colts hope he is. However, the team is already acutely aware that, at the very least, they’ve drafted a solid guy.

The former Florida Gators signal caller was the fourth-overall pick in this year’s draft. Indianapolis was extremely high on what the 20-year-old can do on the football field, but they may not have fully understood what he was bringing off of it.

This story has been making the rounds. It’s about something Richardson did at rookie orientation that speaks volumes about his character. It was told on air by Jake Query of the Indianapolis radio show, Kevin and Query.

Query read a text message who had gone to a luncheon at which Colts GM Chris Ballard was the speaker. There, Ballard told a story that he had heard from NFL VP of football operation, Troy Vincent.

I know, that’s a bit confusing, but hang in here.

Richardson Impressed With His Willingness To Help When He Didn’t Need To

After a dinner for all prospective draftees, Vincent noticed one person who had stayed behind to help clean up: Anthony Richardson.

Vincent told the soon-to-be fourth-overall pick that he didn’t have to help out, but Richardson said he wanted to.

“We left this room in an unacceptable condition and it’s not right for us to expect the staff to clean it all up,” Richardson reportedly said.

Richardson then stayed and helped until the room was back where it needed to be.

This story has gotten a lot of attention from people, including one, who is probably very happy to hear his team could have a real gem in Anthony Richardson moving forward.

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Rookie QB doing everything right so far

While Richardson’s future is unpredictable and there are varying opinions on his potential to thrive as a franchise quarterback in the NFL, the dual-threat fourth overall pick is doing everything right since the Colts drafted him.

The night before rookie mini-camp started, Richardson and newly drafted wide receiver Josh Downs spent significant time in the hotel parking lot developing chemistry by running routes and working on their timing This type of thing may seem small now, but it’s clear the inexperienced rookie is doing everything right to set up him for early success in the NFL.

When asked about his experience since getting drafted, Richardson lit up with gratitude.

“I’ve been all smiles. I’ve been grateful to be here, extremely thankful to be here.” “I’m happy.”

While his future remains uncertain, it’s tough not to pull for a guy like this. It will be fun to watch his career play out — but as far as character is concerned — he’s already acting like a professional franchise quarterback should.

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