Another Prison Yard Fight Breaks Out At SoFi Stadium

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Fists were flying yet again Sunday at SoFi Stadium during the Titans-Chargers game as Los Angeles continues to lead the league in NFL fan violence.

Less than a month ago, chaos erupted outside SoFi after a Chargers game when a fan was thrown off a pedestrian bridge. In that case, Apex Security was too late on the scene as the fan was hoisted and pushed over a railing, causing him to tumble onto concrete steps leading down to a retention pond outside the stadium.

Sunday, it was more of the same from security who doesn’t seem very interested in stopping this prison-yard-like violence that has made SoFi easily the most violent stadium in the NFL.

SoFi Stadium fight video Titans-Chargers game
An old fashioned prison yard fight broke out Sunday at the Titans-Chargers game at SoFi Stadium where there’s been a constant stream of fights during the 2022 NFL season. / Twitter

What caused Sunday’s violence? Who knows, but if you slow down the video, you’ll see a woman in what appears to be a Derwin James jersey throw a punch at a guy wearing a Philip Rivers jersey and it’s on from there. Apex Security — what could they possibly make an hour…$15 max? — pretends to stop the prison yard shenanigans, but it’s useless.

Fists start flying. A couple of bad dudes (my best guess) gang up on Rivers and he takes several rights to the chin before the video ends.

In a rather amusing twist to SoFi Stadium security, just last week, the stadium announced it was no longer using metal detectors to scan people for weapons. Instead, it would start using artificial intelligence utilizing sensors that are “instantly analyzing you for weapons.”

That’s great and all because there’s nothing worse than emptying the pockets on the way into a stadium, but now maybe SoFi would like to do something about the fans causing massive street fights inside the stadium where people have spent hundreds of dollars to see Justin Herbert beat the Titans.

Let’s see AI deal with women throwing punches and causing melees. What does AI suggest to solve that issue?

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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