Anna Faris Goes Topless For New Super Bowl Commercial

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Actress Anna Faris landed her first Super Bowl commercial this year. The spot is for Avocados From Mexico and features the 46-year-old playing the role of Eve in Garden of Eden. It required her to go almost completely naked.

In the teaser that has been shared of the commercial, Anna has her hair – or at least hair that is attached to her actual hair – strategically placed in order to cover up her exposed breasts.

Anna Faris Topless Super Bowl Ad
Anna Faris topless for Super Bowl ad (Image Credit: YouTube)

While talking about filming the spot Anna revealed just how little she has one. In addition to the hair extensions, she’s rocking nipple covers and a tiny thong.

She said, “When I realized that the wardrobe in my trailer was a tiny little thong and these jelly-like bra things, I guess they’re just nipple covers, I thought to myself, all right, this is what my beautiful day is going to look like.

“I felt really proud that I’m kind of at this place in life where I could spend a lot of time feeling modest and insecure, or I just embrace it.”

Anna didn’t just embrace it, she enjoyed it. Maybe to the point we’ll start seeing her do more things without her clothes on. She joked about becoming a nudist following her liberating experience.

“It felt liberating – for the first time in my life I was like, ‘maybe I could be a part of a nudist colony if I take all the hair with me,'” she said.

Talk About Jumping In With Both Feet

This is one way to make a Super Bowl commercial debut. Playing Eve to sell avocados probably isn’t going to sit well with some, but going without clothes is certainly going to get the ad talked about.

Successful Super Bowl ads need a few things to be successful. Repetitive idiotic phrases are one way to go. Another is having good looking people who are barely dressed.

Throwing in a recognizable actress doesn’t hurt. It’s not clear why avocados need an advertisement, but since they created one I’m glad they didn’t go the “puppy, monkey, baby” route. At least it doesn’t appear as if they did.

Written by Sean Joseph

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