Angel Reese Celebrates 2 Million Instagram Followers

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Angel Reese has hit a major Instagram milestone:

The two million follower mark.

The LSU basketball star has been in the news nonstop for months ever since she won a national title in April with the Tigers.

She’s feuded with Caitlin Clark, threatened to boycott visiting the White House before backing down, has seen her NIL valuation skyrocket, appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and all that attention is apparently paying off.

Not only is she cashing in off the court, but she announced she’s now hit the 2,000,000 mark on Instagram.

You can see several photos from the announcement post. For some reason, Reese doesn’t want the announcement post to be embedded. Make that make sense, folks.

Angel Reese is blowing up in popularity.

If you asked people back in March who Angel Reese was, you likely wouldn’t have found many people who knew.

Other than hardcore women’s basketball fans, her name didn’t carry much weight at all. That’s not meant to be mean. It’s just true.

However, as soon as she won that ring, her life changed forever. Now, did she need to behave like a child on and off the court when it came to taunting Caitlin Clark and the White House?

No, but it’s another great example of there being no such thing as bad attention. Clearly, the spotlight being on Reese has been great for her brand.

Having millions of Instagram followers translates to money in her pocket. Just ask Olivia Dunne how that has worked out for her.

Angel Reese’s profile is blowing up. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

Now, the race is on for three million. If her next 12 months are like her last year, she should hit it in no time.

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