Andrew Bogut Joins OutKick 360 To Discuss Ja Morant’s Troubles, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s Reaction

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NBA champion and proponent of common sense Andrew Bogut joined OutKick 360 on Monday to discuss Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant and whether the league is properly reacting to the troubling behavior of the young player.

After facing several accusations of using firearms to intimidate people, including a 17-year-old teenager, Morant is taking time away from the team in order to correct his path before it one day goes a step too far.

Bogut delved into the NBA’s coddling of Morant, compared to players’ treatment under the late David Stern.

Give Ja Morant His Medicine, Says Andrew Bogut

The Australian center admitted that Stern would have been tough in his response, but it would likely turn Morant away from the behavior. Bogut made the case that commissioner Adam Silver’s approach has been more passive, thus allowing Morant to continue his bad streak.

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“It’s just interesting to see the tact that Adam Silver has taken in his reign,” Bogut told Chad Withrow and Jonathan Hutton. “I mean, he’s very soft on several things. As a former player, I’m happy to say, I think it’s way too much of a players league right now.

“I think David Stern was probably the opposite, you know, as David Stern was an iron fist and really hard on penalties, probably too much at times. I think Adam Silver is the opposite. He’s scared to make tough decisions here, to be too hard on players.”

Bogut stated that without the proper medicine, Ja will continue to exhibit questionable decision-making, which puts his early path to stardom at major risk.

“[Morant] should take his medicine and then we should forgive him and he should move on,” Bogut added. “But they’re scared to give the prescription for that medicine, which is kind of intriguing.”

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