YouTube Removes Video of Donald Trump with Clay and Buck

YouTube removed an interview of former President Donald Trump appearing on "The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show" from July 29. The video service says the interview violated its "misinformation" policy.

During the interview, Trump warned that the "country’s going to hell." He also discussed the Russia hoax, mail-in voting, China, Joe Biden's presidency, and disinformation.

You can listen to the full interview here.

But, unfortunately, YouTube viewers do not have that option. Its anonymous decision-makers didn't give voters and viewers the opportunity to agree or even disagree with Trump. Rather, the service pulled the video to silence a former political leader.

Tech companies continue to police content as if they haven't failed in this area before. But they have. And they are still failing.

YouTube just now changed its policy to allow users to state that masks did not prevent COVID-19 in the manner our “experts” promoted. For two years, YouTube censored users for accurately citing data that proved masking did not stop the spread in schools or office spaces. YouTube censored not misinformation but the truth.

Too bad those banned accounts still aren't allowed to return...

Ultimately, the censors have proven unreliable and compromised. In August, we wrote a column documenting how Big Tech is ruling at the behest of the government. Leaked internal messages show that social media companies have been in contact with the Biden Admin to discuss which accounts and posts to remove.

Read the full story below:

The White House asked these platforms to suppress a variety of accounts, from those that questioned the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines (namely Alex Berenson) to parodies of Dr. Fauci.

Of course, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter agreed to the White House's commands as if they were state actors.

So, when YouTube censors Trump and Rand Paul (R-KY) and videos of Gov. Ron DeSantis, you ought to wonder if YouTube is acting alone.

You also have to wonder why its "misinformation" policy allows Rachel Maddow and Democratic politicians to still push a sham conspiracy tying Trump to Russia.

It would appear the word "misinformation" is of diminished value.

"Voters should be able to see everything that any political figure says in public in order to judge for themselves whether they want to support or not support that person. That’s democracy itself. YouTube should be ashamed for censoring interviews with any political figure," Clay Travis said on the topic.

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