Biden Admin Asked Facebook to Take Down Fauci Parody on Instagram During Weekly Meetings

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State attorneys general obtained emails that show the Biden administration arranged weekly and monthly calls with Facebook to discuss content to censor.

The documents show a specific conversation in which a Biden official asks a Meta executive to take down an Instagram account that mocked Dr. Fauci, the partisan bureaucrat who lied about the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In essence, the Biden admin sees comedy as a thoughtcrime.

Consider this more proof that Facebook has acted as a government agent on behalf of the White House.

Last week, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed to Joe Rogan that Facebook censored the accurately-reported Hunter Biden laptop story after the FBI warned the service of “Russian propaganda.” 

Facebook interfered in the 2020 election in collusion with the FBI, we now know.

Last summer, then-press secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the White House identified “problematic” posts for Facebook to censor because they contained what the Biden admin considered “misinformation” about COVID-19.

Meta then announced it had removed over 20 million pieces of COVID “misinformation,” including posts that doubted that mRNA vaccines prevented Covid. Reminder: these vaccines do not prevent Covid.

Facebook is censoring users, and often the truth, at the behest of the government. That’s no small development.

The government cannot censor the public on account of the First Amendment. Yet it’s found a workaround by weaponizing social media platforms against its critics.

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And, no, don’t stop creating parodies around Dr. Fauci


Written by Bobby Burack

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