Womanhood Is Not A Costume: The War On Biological Women Nobody Is Talking About

I've had it.

I don't know what's parody and what's reality anymore.

The Toronto Raptors issued an apology Thursday for a social media video. It was a Women's History Month tribute where players pointed out that women have babies.

I cannot emphasize this enough: A professional basketball team apologized for stating that women give birth.

Just a few years ago, that would have been a headline in The Onion or The Babylon Bee. But in today's loony toon world, we are now apologizing for biological facts.

Just ask J.K. Rowling — who is Transgender Public Enemy No. 1 for stating that "people who menstruate" could simply be called "women."

But ignoring biological reality is just one of many ways women are being disrespected by the trans movement.

Also this week, Hershey's unveiled its International Women's Day campaign featuring — you guessed it — a transgender woman.

The company faced tons of backlash from people who claimed the campaign was a slap in the face to biological women. Hershey's responded in a statement.

"Over the past three years, our Women’s History Month programming has been an inclusive celebration of women and their impact. We appreciate the countless people and meaningful partnerships behind these efforts."

Translation: We don't care.

Of course, Hershey's isn't the first brand to do this. Hiring a trans woman as your spokesperson is the hip virtual signal these days.

Who could forget this insightful podcast from mega makeup store Ulta?

Ah, brands hiring spokespeople to mansplain to me the female experience. You really gotta love it.

Womanhood is not a costume.

Speaking of Dylan Mulvaney, he has gained fame in the past year for his over-the-top mockery of biological females.

Like this TikTok video, for example.

"Day one of being a girl, and I have already cried three times," Dylan said. "I wrote a scathing e-mail that I did not send. I ordered dresses online that I could not afford. And then when someone asked me how I was, I said, 'I'm fine!' when I wasn't fine."

Because beginning your transgender journey by reducing us to stereotypes is hilarious. Girl power!

And, of course, there's this biological male influencer who discovered the wonder of tampons.

"This thing does not go up inside you," @grantelisikes says. "Like where does that go?!"

Do you really need me to answer that, sweetie?

Grant later said he bought those tampons so he could give them to others who needed them. No, no you didn't. You bought them to make a silly TikTok video.

But it's not just the TikTokers making a mockery of women. There's the drag queens.

Drag queens are literal caricatures with exaggerated, fetish-y sexual features.

For the record, I've been to drag shows. I fully understand most are meant to be all in good fun. And aside from the whole performing sexually in front of children thing, they have every right to exist.

But you're lying if you say they aren't playing on exaggerated and over-sexualized female stereotypes.

Imagine wearing blackface and dancing around stage with a watermelon and fried chicken and calling it "art." That would be horrifying and obviously unacceptable.

Or a candy bar brand making Rachel Dolezal the face of Black History Month. Or Jimmy Kimmel.

Leftists even have a problem with Halloween costumes that portray Native Americans, Japanese, Mexicans, Hawaiians, prisoners, the elderly or literally any demographic in which that person does not belong.

So you can't appropriate culture or skin color, but appropriating gender is celebrated.

And if you're a biological female who has a problem with "womanface," you face cancellation and attacks from the left. The blue checkmark brigade is already warming up their fingers to come after me on Twitter for the fried chicken and watermelon thing.

Which really just makes my point.

Their feelings matter. Yours don't.

For a group of people that claims not to have rights, trans women get a lot of special treatment.

Honestly, I think this episode of "Family Guy" says it best.

Take, for example, an adult male (who identifies as a male) who publicly exposes himself to a minor. If convicted, that man has to register as a sex offender and, in many states, he gets slapped with a felony. As he should.

But if a trans woman walks around with "her" penis out in a YMCA bathroom, the women and children in there just have to deal with it. The feelings of the trans woman always trump the feelings of the biological woman.

Some activists, like @jamieissmiling on TikTok, believe they have every right to access all women's spaces. And it doesn't matter what you have to say about it.

"Listen up, buckaroos," Jamie says. "Women do have their own spaces, and their spaces are with trans women. And if you don't like that, then you're the one who's not the real woman, and we all know where you shouldn't be. And that's in space with other women because you are a danger."

I'm not a real woman, Jamie? I have monthly debilitating cramps and bleed out of my crotch — do you? Maybe we can just give you a swift kick to the balls once a month to level the playing field? You know, for solidarity.

But there's something else this TikTok warrior says that should bother a lot of people. If you don't participate in Jamie's delusion, he says, "you are a danger." You — not the guy who wants to walk around naked in front of your children — are a danger.

Silence is violence. Words are violence. Not blindly accepting every single ideological grandstand from the far left is violence.

(And before anyone reports me for threats, I'm not actually going to kick that Internet stranger in the balls.)

So let's talk about actual danger.

Last year, the Biden administration restored Obama-era guidelines in federal prisons. That means incarcerated people have improved access to gender-affirming care and "access to facility placements that align with an inmate’s gender identity."

So men can now request a transfer to women’s prisons. Medical transition is not required. They just have to "self-identify" as a woman. This is happening across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

And this policy includes hardened criminals convicted of sex crimes against women.

In February 2022, Ramel Blount, a trans male-to-female detainee at Rikers Island who goes by the name Diamond Blount, raped an unsuspecting woman prisoner after she finished showering.

In 2019, a 29-year-old male inmate named Janiah Monroe was transferred to an Illinois women’s prison, despite being convicted of attempted murder, aggravated battery and strangling a previous cellmate. Within two months, Monroe was accused of raping multiple female prisoners.  

And just this past December, OutKick confirmed that a New Hampshire man named Brett David Sonia had been transferred to a women's facility. Sonia "sometimes," not all the time, identifies as a female. When a woman, Sonia goes by Brooke Lyn. Brett/Brooke is serving time for child rape, sexual exploitation and child pornography.

Of course, not every trans woman is a rapist. But blindly allowing biological males with a record of violence in women's facilities puts women in danger. And it's a perfect example of why women need their own spaces.

Notice it never goes the other way?

It's all trans women making a scene, demanding special treatment, parading around naked and forcing apologies — not trans men.

Someone asked me recently why that is. And honestly, I don't have a good answer for it.

But maybe it's because there's no benefit for a woman trying to live as a man in a man's world. Why would I, as a biological woman, want to be in a men's locker room? Or go to a men's prison where I'd certainly be raped and sexually assaulted? Or compete in a men's sports league where the athletes are all bigger and stronger than I am?

For hundreds of years, men have enjoyed a biological advantage over women. And women fought for hundreds of years to afford the same rights as men.

Now, men are fighting to supersede those rights while living as women.

The war on biological women is real.

We get openly mocked in drag shows and by TikTok influencers. Brands hire men in dresses to be spokespeople for our "cause." We're not allowed to honor mothers for the feat of giving birth and caring for children. We're forced to tolerate men in our bathrooms and locker rooms, and elite female athletes are losing championships to men.

All this from the people who claim to be feminists and champions for women.

Parody is becoming reality.

So yeah, I've had it. I'm tired of playing this game, and I'm not going to.

It's time that we — as biological women — stop sacrificing our own identity to bow to the whims of a select, extremist few.

And to reiterate, the problem is not trans women.

If you want to change your name from Michael to Michelle, go for it. If you want to carry a purse, be my guest. Want to get fake boobies? More power to you.

The problem is the erasure of biological women to please the louder-than-life trans activists. And it's those people who ruin it for everyone.

Sex is real. Biology is real. Being a woman is not a feeling, a mood or a quirky personality trait. We are more than dresses and makeup. We are more than "teeheehee look at my tampons!"

While many will applaud me for it, I'm aware this column is going to piss some people off.

So to the Dylan Mulvaneys of the world who will undoubtedly call me a transphobic bigot, I leave you with this fun catchphrase from our friends on the pro-abortion left.

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