Washington Post Forced to Issue ‘Clarification’ After Misrepresenting Florida Law

You can tell Ron DeSantis is over the target in Florida because the mainstream media keeps lying about him.

Over the summer, Florida passed legislation trying to ensure that books taught in school were appropriate for children.

The law says the books should be age-appropriate, not contain pornography and “suited to student needs.”

However, Florida trying to protect children from pornography and inappropriate materials was too much for The Washington Post to take.

So, as they do, they wrote a hit piece on the bill, making entirely inaccurate claims about what it says and the penalties teachers could face.

In the piece, The Post claimed that Florida teachers could face felony charges for displaying inappropriate books.

Except, that’s not at all what the law says.

The National Review pointed out that the reporter conflated two separate bills in order to sell the anti-DeSantis narrative.

“The reporter is confusing the new statute about school materials, which does not carry criminal penalties, with an older anti-porn statute that does,” wrote Rich Lowry.

And so a “clarification” buried at the bottom of the article reveals that the article had been edited, but doesn’t specify what was changed.

Nailed it.

Florida Upsets Media Narratives

This is just the latest in a long line of examples of the media inaccurately attacking Florida and DeSantis.

Just recently, an MSNBC commentator called him an “authoritarian” for another school related policy.


The media faces several hurdles in DeSantis criticisms. Namely, that his policies are generally incredibly popular.

Parents want to know that their children aren’t being taught inappropriate materials or being exposed to pornography. And unfortunately, there’s been a rapid proliferation of such textbooks and teaching styles.

Earlier in January, Nevada schools were sued for what was described as a “pornographic” assignment.

So it’s entirely reasonable that DeSantis and the legislature took steps to ensure these kinds of lessons aren’t being taught in Florida.

But The Post and MSNBC have decided that any attempt to protect children is intolerable. In large part because they can use it to attack him personally.

Florida has been a beacon for people desperate to find sanity and freedom in education and government policy.

That’s exactly why mainstream media outlets try so hard to bring it down, resorting to blatant, obvious inaccuracies in the process.

The more they try however, the more people flee to the free state of Florida.

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