Wacko Leftist Lady Calls DeSantis ‘Authoritarian’ For Opposing Cell Phones In Classroom

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ authoritarian rule continues. The tyrant now asks students to put away their phones during the school day.

This is Adolf Hitler-type rule. That is according to Ruth Ben-Ghiat, an MSNBC columnist. Ben-Ghiat also works as an NYU professor, and fascism “expert.”

On Monday, DeSantis took a stance against cell phone use in the classroom:

“Why are these students on their phones during class all the time? […] They should not be always on their phones, being distracted from the lessons.”

Slow down, Mussolini.

The governor prefaced his comments by saying he supports students having their phones on them during recess. He just prefers they don’t scroll TikTok during their arithmetic session.

And that’s where Ms. Ben-Ghiat draws the line. She calls DeSantis’ stance on cell phones “dangerous,” revealing his true “authoritarian” fascinations:

Nothing says tyrannical like disallowing students to send test answers back and forth via Snapchat, tweet while the teacher speaks, and look up answers on Google.


The tweet Ben-Ghiat shared uses the word “confiscate,” to suggest DeSantis demands schools seize students’ phones and force them to go without. But as you see in the video, he never uses the word or even suggests a similar action.

Instead, he merely says a school district is within its right to ask students to leave their phones in a cubby during class hours.

Plus, if the districts were to “confiscate” a student’s phone for breaking policy, the teacher would most likely send the phone to the office — where the student could pick it up at the end of the school day.

You know, how schools have handled cell phone use for the past decade.

How dare a school make a student go without their phone for an entire hour of class!

DeSantis has come out against the racial and sexual indoctrination of school children. He opposes them using their phones as a distraction during lectures. At any other point in history, that’d make DeSantis a man of common sense.

Yet, in 2023, it makes him a ruthless authoritarian in the minds of certifiably wacko leftists like Ruthy.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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