Was Cryptic Stefon Diggs Tweet About Josh Allen? Bills Fans Go Nuts

As the Buffalo Bills and their fans hold their breath on Josh Allen, his top receiver, Stefon Diggs, took some time on Election Night to throw fuel on the already burning fire.

Diggs, now in his third season in Buffalo, simply tweeted "Rejoice" late Tuesday with no further context, and no follow up tweet, and it sent fans into an absolute frenzy.

Who needs Josh Allen injury update when we have social media?

For me, it's the three dots.

As someone who has spent his entire life basically in the social media/texting era - a terrible era, by the way - those three dots are absolutely crucial when you're dissecting something.

Are they good? Are they the 'sigh-of-relief' dots? Does this mean Allen is fine and he's about to hang 50 on the Vikings?

Or, is this tweet completely unrelated to anything about Josh Allen or the Bills?

Diggs isn't exactly a big tweeter, either. Before this cryptic post, his last tweet came over a week ago! And that just makes this tweet that much worse!

What is it, Stefon? What the hell do you know?!

Fans, of course, needed an answer, too.

In any event, let's hope we get a real Josh Allen update sometime today.

It's obviously a major story if the star QB is actually hurt hurt and set to miss time, and could really change the entire landscape of the NFL this season.

Let's hope Dr. Diggs was rejoicing a clean MRI result!

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