UFOs Spotted? Doctor Films Mysterious Lights In The Sky

A doctor in the United Kingdom filmed a fascinating video of something in the sky.

Dr. Mohamed Salama filmed a pair of lights floating in the sky over Harborne, Birmingham this past Sunday, according to SWNS, and there's no doubt something was going on up there.

Give it a watch below and decide for yourself what you think Salama spotted.

What do we all think about this video from Dr. Salama? What could he have spotted in the sky? It's impossible to say for sure, but given the movement of the lights, I think you can probably rule out planes.

Unless some fighter jets were up there doing barrel rolls, I think it's safe to say it wasn't a plane. Again, we can't say for certain, but that's where an educated guess puts us to start.

From there, the next option is drones of some kind. Do we think the lights were drones? It's certainly possible, and you could get drones to do those movements in the sky, but they seem big for a standard drone.

That leaves us with little green men from Mars. Do we think aliens are among us? That's the most unlikely answer in my non-expert opinion, but we also can't rule it out.

That's what makes UFOs and UAPs so fascinating. Literally nobody seems to have answers, and those who might have answers don't seem very interested in sharing. Look at you Congress!

Give us your thoughts on what is in the sky in the comments below!

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