Trump-Biden Debate Viewership Drops from Trump-Clinton

Tuesday's presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden drew 73 million viewers, per Nielsen data.

The first Trump-Clinton debate in 2016 scored 84 million, the highest ever.

Indications this morning were a sharp decline in total viewers from four years ago. In fast national ratings, Trump-Biden drew 28.8 million viewers across ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. That’s down 36% from Trump-Clinton I.

In Monday's Outkick Outkick Media Mailbag, I predicted a significant drop from 2016:

“Trump-Biden doesn’t have the mystique of Trump-Clinton. Joe Biden is a boring candidate. His “lids” are more newsworthy than his policies. Hillary Clinton was a controversial figure who viewers tuned in to root against. On the Democratic side, the interest is not close to akin. Though, there is intrigue to see if Biden can hold up on stage across from Trump.

“President Trump is still the country’s most polarizing, interesting personality. However, in the 2016 debate, viewers needed to see Trump with their own eyes. For millions, the first presidential debate confirmed a wild-card, a non-politician, a celebrity could run the country. 

“Four years ago, routine Republican voters were contemplating if they could get behind Trump. Today, whether it is yes or no, that decision is made.”

My prediction? 73 million. Send your props my way.


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