Think About The Kids! Fan Fight Breaks Out At Home Run Derby

Because it's 2022 and people have lost their damn minds, there was a fan fight at the 2022 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby featuring fans throwing haymakers at each other on a night that was supposed to be about having fun and celebrating ESPN's inability to count.

Instead, here I am blogging about two guys fighting over who knows what in the outfield seats where they should be high-fiving each other as Julio Rodriguez home runs soar over their heads.

Between AAU fights and baseball fan brawls, it's been one of the most violent summers for sporting events over my nearly 15-year career of tracking this stuff. It's also a big year for fights in places you'd least expect. Remember the NBA Summer League fight from just a couple of weeks ago.

Simply put, people have flat out lost their minds. Don't even try to say this is due to more cellphones in circulation. You can't tell me people were fighting at the MLB Home Run Derby 5-7 years ago.

This is a new era we've entered.

As the lady playing traffic cop said, ENOUGH is ENOUGH, morons.

"Turn around and leave right now," the traffic cop added.

That's right, think about the kids, Dodgers fan. Enough is enough!

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