NBA Summer League Fan Fight Features Lakers Fan Taking A Major Pounding

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A cocky Lakers fan was on the wrong end of a massive fan fight beatdown Sunday night in Las Vegas where a Carmelo Anthony fan went to work on the Lakers fan’s head after what appears to be a major disrespect violation.

Video from the Thomas & Mack Center shows Melo sitting there minding his business as Lakers fan taunted the crowd with a hat toss. It’s unclear how Melo fan ended up throwing massive rights against the guy’s head, but that’s what happened until fellow Summer League fans rushed in to stop the pounding.

Folks, I’ve been covering the fan fight beat on the Internet for 15 years and this is the first time I can remember such a brutal TKO at an exhibition basketball game. There have been plenty of brutal fights at NFL preseason games, but the NBA Summer League is a new frontier for this kind of behavior.

Let’s go to the footage!

You can hear Hoodie Melo say something about being 50 years old as his defense.

Look, it seems like Lakers fan was annoying, maybe had a couple of cocktails and Melo fan had seen enough and it was time to start wailing on his melon. These things happen and it’s best that it happens on a slow Sunday night into a Monday morning when bloggers need content to get through the week.

Great work by everyone involved.

The lesson here is to never find yourself on the wrong end of rights from a far superior athlete Samoan-looking dude and never, ever give up the higher ground or you’re going to get drilled. Happens all the time.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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