Taylor Lorenz Posts Clip Saying She's a Victim

Washington Post "journalist" Taylor Lorenz uploaded a cringe video to TikTok to decry that she remains a victim of the internet. Lorenz, who exists only to stalk and smear social media influencers, says that there are media reporters who exist only to stalk and smear her. Lorenz posted the clip following an article by Spectator World that detailed her transition from mediocre tech reporter to a creepy crybully:

personifies the state of the corporate press. She embodies the decline of the industry's credibility and popularity. She protects those above her and crushes those beneath her, such as those without the resources or reach to defend themselves. In May, iHeart podcast host Lisa Boothe explained to OutKick how Lorenz became the worst person in corporate media: "Taylor is actually the worst because she has the audacity to play the victim, which is also just the standard Left: being the individual that does the things they accuse others of doing. "That’s called projection. incidenblames her editors

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