Surfer Survives Shark Attack, Shouts Out His Instagram Handle In Epic Interview

A surfer in New York gave an awesome interview after surviving a shark attack.

Max Haynes was surfing in Kismet on Fire Island when a shark attacked him and took some blood out of him, according to News 12.

How did Haynes, who is only 16, react? He decided to give his Instagram handle a shoutout on the news and let people know where he was going to eat dinner. You can check out his badass interview below.

It's hard to believe this is real, but it very much is. How is he so calm after surviving a shark attack? He is as cool as ice.

He could have died, but that's not on his mind. All he wants to do is grow his Instagram following.

I believe this is what the kids call going viral. When you have the chance to make a splash - no pun intended - you have to seize on it.

Max could have sat around sulking and feeling sorry for his situation. Nobody would have blamed him. Again, he survived a shark attack!

Instead, he took the opportunity to let everyone know he's on social media!

In the event any of us ever survive a shark attack, we can only hope to be as chill and relaxed as Max!

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