NFL Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus Has A Close Call With 9-Foot Shark

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Absolute madman and NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus was back in the waters off the coast of Jupiter, Florida today where he had an encounter with a shark he estimated to be 9-foot long in 280-foot deep ocean waters.

Rosenhaus has posted Instagram videos in the past where he’s face-to-face with bull sharks, but those sharks — in 2020 he was in the water with a goliath grouper — were small compared to this monster shark that appeared to be coming right for Drew’s legs as they dangled in the Atlantic Ocean.

“You crazy?” someone on the boat is heard yelling as the 9-footer swims towards the agent who is estimated by Internet experts to be worth somewhere in the nine-figure range.

“Drew…Drew…be careful,” another boat passenger yells as things get serious.

Talk about street cred through the roof. Apparently, the 55-year-old Rosenhaus has traded in the rush of negotiating massive contracts for his NFL clients for life on the edge where a shark could leave him legless in a matter of seconds.

“This some white people s–t!” another boat passenger yells while adding, “Drew, you f–king crazy, bro.”

He sure is.

NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus had a close encounter with a 9-foot shark in the Atlantic Ocean without the safety of a shark-proof cage (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Give me a pool, Yacht Rock Pandora, bottles of Kirkland margaritas and I’m all good. There comes a time in life where swimming with sharks — without a cage! — sounds like a brilliant idea on paper when you’re hammered on rum with your buddies during a Bahamas bender.

Then there’s actually living out these wild moments.

Drew Rosenhaus and the guy who climbed the tower in Arkansas definitely have the biggest set of balls this week and the competition just might be over.

This is Drew vs. a small shark back in May:

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