School District Sued for Racist Policy to Fire Teachers For Being White

Tuesday, the activist group Judicial Watch announced it had filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Minneapolis taxpayer over a school district's racist policy.

A new contract between the district and Minneapolis teachers union stipulates that schools must lay off or fire white teachers before "educators of color" in the event that Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) reduces staff.

The clause also states if a school cuts a non-white teacher, MPS must excess a white teacher.

The suit targets the MPS superintendent, the Minneapolis Public Schools, and the Minneapolis Board of Education.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton says the policy violates the Equal Protection Guarantee of the Minnesota Constitution.

"It is incredible that in this day and age a school system would engage in blatant racial discrimination in employing teachers," Tom Fitton told Fox News Digital.

"The courts can't move soon enough to shut down this extreme leftist attack on the bedrock constitutional principle that no one can be denied equal treatment under law on account of race."

While the hip move online is to justify racism against white people, this is actual racism -- not the kind that trends on Twitter.

The agreement specifically tells schools to judge teachers exclusively by their skin color when it comes to firings and layoffs. The hell with experience, ability to teach, and performance. If you are a white teacher in Minnesota then your job is a political weapon. 

MPS calls this conspicuous policy a means to remedy "past discrimination by the District." Translation: the district plans to fight racism with racism.

Long live the days we ended racist policies by, well, ending racist policies. 

You'd think there'd be public outrage over a story with such racist ties. But there isn't.

First, the press won't cover it. Shining light on discrimination against white teachers isn't the type of story that MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, and Slate find interesting.

Second, those who have heard of the agreement are mostly afraid to speak out. Individuals don't want to risk the "racist" label by denouncing anti-white racism.

The last time that happened was in June when 75-year-old crime author James Patterson noted that publishing companies don't want to hire white men. For pointing out the truth, the Twitter mob came for Patterson, called him racist, and he caved into submission.

(Never apologize to the woke masters.)

This is what bizarro world looks like. We are going backward as a society by framing racism as a "remedy."

We shall thrive for a country one day in which schools don't fire teachers because they were born with a certain skin color.

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