Poll Says Democrats Want Biden Replaced for 2024. But Is There Anyone Better?

After polling data made clear that Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg were not viable candidates to oppose Donald Trump in 2020, Democrats settled for Joe Biden. Biden won the primary by not being Bernie Sanders and won the election because he wasn't Donald Trump.

So no one ever really wanted Biden to win. And you can see why. In less than one year in office, Biden has quickly validated all concerns about his cognitive abilities. So, it's not surprising to see Democrats fantasizing about replacing him in 2024.

An NPR/PBS poll released on Monday found that 44% of Democrats want someone other than Biden to run in 2024. Only 36% want Biden to be the nominee, while 20% are not sure.

NPR's finding comes a day after NBC -- a long-time ally of the Democrat Party -- reported that hardly any Americans approve of Biden's performance. It pained Chuck Todd to admit.

Still, even if more than 44% of Democratic voters want someone other than Biden come 2024, the lack of options should offset those wishes.

Because of her failed efforts in the primary, her unlikability, and her off-putting laugh, VP Harris poses little threat to anyone. And the party's bench is weak, primarily due to progressive vs. moderate in-fighting.

According to newly-released odds from Paddy Power, owned by FanDuel's parent company Flutter in the UK, Michelle Obama and Beto O'Rourke have the third and fourth highest odds among Democrats for 2024. However, Michelle Obama and O'Rourke are not realistic options. (Hillary Clinton's eyes just opened.)

Ultimately, candidates now win primaries and the general election by the "lesser of evils" strategy. A country this divided and agitated cannot vote any other way. And despite all of Joe Biden's cringe struggles, his party has no one better in terms of a general election. How could that be?

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