Poll: Vast Majority Of Americans Think Biden Is Doing An Awful Job

Between April and October, disaster after disaster from the Biden administration has not gone unnoticed.

According to an NBC poll released Sunday, the percentage of Americans that supported Biden’s progress as president has fallen from 53 percent to 42 percent, with the general sentiment on the president also dropping in other areas.

Americans that disapprove with Biden’s job as commander in chief shot up from 39 percent to 54 percent, according to NBC News’ data.

In the past several months, Biden has kept the nation derelict in the fight against COVID, while setting up the economy for some barren years ahead, due to his party’s ineptitude with balancing the nation’s checkbook after shutting down for an entire year.

Data provided by NBC

With Biden consistently operating as passenger rather than driver inside the Oval Office, more Americans are U-turning on their vote for the Dems.

Most revealing from the poll results are the number of Americans that believe the nation is regressing under Biden, totaling 71 percent of people.

The poll participants were asked which political party would handle several key topics better than the other. Republicans gained the vote of approval on topics such as border security, inflation, crime, and the nation’s economy. Democrats earned the majority vote on topics such as climate change, abortion and coronavirus — while simultaneously witnessing a drop off in confidence when pollsters were asked about the current state of the pandemic. The number of Americans that believed Biden was performing a noble effort against COVID fell from 69 percent to 52 percent.

The adults are back in charge.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. 42%? Whether or not you personally like the man, what sane person of any party or persuasion would think Biden is doing a good job? There are only so many blue checkmarks out there to skew the polls. Apparently, there are a lot of really dumb, gullible or clueless people in America.

  2. And these are numbers from the rigged NBC polls. Even they can’t hide the smoke from this dumpster fire. His actual approval rating nationally is probably around 25% when take all the media bias and manipulation out. That’s my projection based on hearing thousands of people chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” at NFL games in NEW YORK. Not exactly a haven for conservatism.

  3. This guy has royally fucked up everything he has touched so far in his short time in office. I assume the only people who approve of his job performance are the ones that hate America.

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