Parents Fight Against All-Girls School Accepting Biological Males

The only way to defeat the absurdity of radical gender ideology creeping in to schools is to fight back.

Progressives have taken over the education system, even in private schools where generally wealthy parents send their children.

The most recent example of the concerning turn into anti-biology seeping into children’s spaces came from Nashville, where an elite all-girls school with a history dating back to the mid-1800s announced it would be admitting biological males who decided their gender identity makes them a girl:


The absurdity of this policy made waves, with many pointing out that it would put biological males into spaces with young girls.

Now, a number of parents are expressing their disagreement with the decision:

There are a few quotes that illustrate the issue that parents at this school, and many others, are facing:

"As much as many see issues of sex/gender as very complex, there is also a simple approach for our school: that Harpeth Hall selects and develops girls across a wide spectrum of backgrounds, but only girls, girls at birth who also identify as girls today. We feel strongly that this is ideal for our daughters and granddaughters, and will allow them to develop and grow, compete, and thrive without the distractions and complexities of boys, born or declared, in the classroom, and on the fields and stages."

"A significant number of families and donors in the Harpeth Hall community, including those copied on this message, feel that the administration and board at Harpeth Hall have failed to include us in the process of considering such major change. Harpeth Hall’s reputation is damaged and we would all like to be part of the process of fixing it."

They’re right and demonstrating the concern that any parent would, and should, have that radical gender theory and the bewildering push to promote transgender children will impact their kids and families.


This is the only way to combat politically motivated insanity from woke school administrators; fight back publicly.

Privately expressing your disagreement with policy is well and good, but bringing the fight to the politically motivated leaders enacting this stupidity is how you bring change.

Letting bureaucrats get away with dangerous virtue signaling by remaining silent will never lead to change.

But by putting names on the letter and forcefully highlighting the nonsensical stupidity of woke ideology, there’s at least a chance that those in charge will have to face consequences for their actions.

It remains to be seen if the school will alter course, but at least some parents are speaking out against a ludicrous policy.

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