OutKick Fantasy Football Week Four Recap

Mayo sandwiches and Justin Jefferson are all the rage after four weeks of OutKick fantasy football.

The league appears top heavy - and I'm not referring to any owners' physical stature (but if the shoe fits...). Transactions have increased and frustrations are beginning to mount as OutKick staffers desperately try to avoid weekly punishment.

Editor Dom Bonvisutto (Atomic Dom) wasn't so lucky (more on this later). And now OutKick's founding father, the Big Cheese, Head Honcho, Captain of the Ship....Clay Travis is staring down a fantasy football punishment of his own.

Clay's team (Deshaun Watson's New Masseuse), couldn't quite rub out a victory in last week's matchup with Tier One Day Drinker (Writer David Hookstead's pulling the strings for the Tier One's). Not only did 'New Masseuse's lineup fail to release any type of scoring barrage on the fantasy landscape, they were shootin' blanks - finishing with a league-worst 78.68 total points.

You don't need analyst Dan Orlovsky to point out that Clay had an apparent brain fart. He started Lions RB D'Andre Swift and Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker. In case you didn't know, both of those players were injured prior to last week's games.

The duo combined for zero points scored, giving Deshaun Watson's New Masseuse more eggs than a fertility clinic.

P-P-P-Parity Reigns Supreme In This Fantasy Football League

Four weeks in, every team has at least one win and one loss. Five of the league's 14 squads are sitting pretty at 3-1. Those teams include Tier One Day Drinker, Bag Men (spearheaded by Writer Trey Wallace), The Chadillacs (run by one half of OutKick360), No Punt Intended (Writer Grayson Weir's troops) and Editor/Writer Dan Zaksheske's Danny Dimes team - currently the top overall seed with 566.20 points scored.

Danny Dimes has benefited from a lineup that includes frequent end zone dancers Justin Jefferson and Travis Kelce. Through Week Four, Zaksheske's team has been the opposite of garbage, which is interesting, considering Dan Z may or may not have recently revealed to OutKick that he's made a meal or two out of trash can leftovers.

And speaking of trash sandwiches, that brings us to video of last week's punishment - a mayo sandwich. Dom B had the unenviable task of choking down a couple pieces of bread smothered with grossness.

Hopefully Atomic Dom learned his lesson and will avoid being last going forward. He clearly didn't enjoy the taste of defeat.

When you're not laying down $5 to potentially win $200 more from DraftKings this weekend (which can conveniently be done at OutKick.com/Bets), you can follow along with the OutKick league here. Doing so will allow you to see which team owners are sweating bullets hoping to avoid the Donald Trump Challenge, a public impersonation of Harry Styles, a mayo sandwich, or worse.

Next In Line...

via Gfycat

Clay's punishment is yet to be determined, but we're extending all resources to see if President Joe Biden can somehow be involved. Our calls and emails have gone answered to this point. Much like President Biden himself, it seems as if the White House has no idea where he is.

Transaction Time

Week Four now in the rearview, plenty of teams were active in trying to improve their team and avoid embarrassment as we head into Week Five. Recent gunshot wound be damned, Armando Salguero's Salt Warriors added Washington RB Brian Robinson. In doing so, he sent injured Bronco Javante Williams to the curb. Robinson was one of three running backs added once the weekly transaction window opened up.

Speaking of shots, my guys - (Anthony Farris' Writers Block) - swung a deal for pistol-armed Vikings QB Kirk Cousins. It was a straight up trade with Alejandro Avila's Flex Burkhead squad. Both teams are 2-2, and the 'Burkhead bunch gets TE George Kittle in return.

Did somebody blockbuster? That's what I thought.

By adding Cousins, I'll send previous starter Matthew Stafford to the bench. Once there, maybe he can remember he no longer plays for Detroit. Stafford's spent more time sucking in LA this fall than a Kardashian at an NBA after-party.

It had to be done.

Speaking Of LA...

If you've been following along all season (and why wouldn't you be?), you know that OutKick is already scouting locations for an in-person draft ahead of next season. Phoenix, Denver and San Diego are on the short list. But it appears as if Los Angeles might be worth checking out.

Talk to you next week!

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