OutKick Fantasy Football Week Three Recap

Week 3 of OutKick fantasy football is now behind us and in the most Belichickian way, we’re onto Cincinnati.

No, we’re not going for the Skyline Chili – because that’s disgusting.

The NFL’s fourth week kicks off Thursday with the Bengals hosting the Dolphins, meaning OutKick fantasy football is (figuratively) in Cincy.

But before we commence the new fantasy week, and light up victory cigars with Joe Burrow or tango with Tua, let’s recap Week 3.

OutKick Senior Editor Dom Bonvissuto’s “Atomic Dom” team was in need of plenty of corrections. The Atomic Dom’s bombed out with a league-low score of 80.66. Bears running back David Montgomery did Dom no favors, finishing with 1.10 points thanks to an injury.

That lowly performance will have Dom B front and center for an upcoming punishment (more on that later).

GREEN BAY, WI – SEPTEMBER 18: Chicago Bears running back David Montgomery (32) runs during a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears on September 18, 2022 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. (Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It Wouldn’t Be Fantasy Football Without Winners

Week 3’s best team was “Tier One Day Drinker” which is managed by Writer David Hookstead. Hook’s squad benefited from Bills QB Josh Allen’s big game in a losing effort to the ‘phins. Allen accumulated 33.70 of the Day Drinker’s league-best 157.50 points.

Three weeks in, only one undefeated team remains. That’s Chad Withrow from OutKick360’s – “The Chadillacs.”

Much like Chad’s starting QB, Tom Brady, The Chadillacs have been money all season long.

Fantasy Losers And New Punishment

On the opposite end of the OutKick fantasy football are OutKick Writer Armando Salguero’s “Salt Warriors,” and Jonathan Hutton’s “Kardashians Backfield.” Both teams have as many wins as the Las Vegas Raiders.

Not only has Hutton purchased prime real estate in the L column, he also had the league’s lowest point total in Week 2. And because of that, he had to endure public humiliation. But in reality, it’s our ears and eyes that did the suffering.

Watch for yourselves in the video below, courtesy of the famed Goodwill studios.

Being stopped by security and questioned about shoplifting…is this just another random weeknight for Hutton?

Dom B is up next for a yet-to-be-determined punishment thanks to his Week 3 woes. And this is where we need help from you, the audience. We’re asking OutKick fans via this post and Twitter to drum up something unique for Dom’s punishment. Drop your suggestion below or on Twitter via @Outkick.

There was some early discussion about having the Atomic Dom’s owner house a Subway Dangerwich and record his own Russell Wilson-like commercial, but it seems impossible to be more cringe than Wilson.

In any event, let Dom cook!

Where’s Clay Travis?

For those of you wondering where OutKick founder Clay Travis ranks, his squad – “Deshaun Watson’s New Masseuse,” is 10th out of 14 teams. Clay appears to be taking the Danny Ainge approach to being a GM, at least thus far. Entering Week 4, he has yet to make any transactions.

If you want to track Clay’s team or any of the other rosters, you can do so all season long by clicking here.

And if you have been tracking the first few weeks of OutKick’s season, you’ll notice that OutKick Sports Betting Writer Geoff Clark was to close to on the money (so far) in how things would shake out. And even though you can’t lay down some cold hard cash on Geoff’s OutKick odds, you can still bet NFL odds with DraftKings. Go to OutKick.com/bet to do so. A $5 bet could score you an additional $200.

Change In Plans

Before I head out to peruse the waiver wire, one last note. If you’ve been following along all season, you know that the league participants have been debating between hosting next year’s draft in either Phoenix or Denver. Well, San Diego has now entered the discussion.

See you next week!

Written by Anthony Farris

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