OutKick Fantasy Football Week 8 Recap

High scores, losing streaks and a Times Square punishment. This is the week that was in OutKick fantasy football.

Week 8 had a unique matchup in that one particular game featured the week's highest and lowest (team) scores in the same game. That contest was between Writers Block (164.88 points) and Gym Manning Laundry (86.90 points).

Writers Block relied on a quintuple dose of talent to secure the win. Five players: Nick Chubb, Amari Cooper, Stefon Diggs, Tyler Conklin and Kirk Cousins, all scored 24 or more points. Meanwhile, GML combatted that attack with a pair of goose eggs. Those came courtesy of Deebo Samuel and Ja'Marr Chase.

And, well, there was no real know reason for our guy Gunz (GML's team manager, Mike Gunzelman) to start the second-year Bengal. Chase had been ruled out for a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to Sunday. Yet, Gunz still fired a dud and had him starting.

For that, he'll be punished in the Big Apple. More on that in a bit.

Lucky Number 7's

After eight weeks of OutKick fantasy football, two teams appear to be a cut above the rest of the league. Both Tier One Day Drinker and No Punt Intended are sitting atop their respective divisions with seven wins a piece. No other team has more than five wins. So here's hoping the Day Drinker's and NPI take a few Sundays off and allow everyone else to catch up. No one likes an overachiever.

Including this week, there's now only six weeks left in the regular season. Eight of the league's 14 teams make the post season (what is this, the NBA?). But it's not looking pretty for Gym Manning Laundry (losers of five-straight), Deshaun Watson's New Masseuse (who continues to cost Clay Travis money), Better Business Burrow or Salt Warriors.

Each of those casts of misfit characters, or "teams" if you will, have just two wins. Their fantasy seasons are more like nightmares. And now, that particular OutKick foursome must know what it feels like to be general manager of the Detroit Lions.

Follow along to see each week's winners, losers and transactions here.


A New York Slice

Since Gym Manning Laundry stunk it up last week, they're slated for a punishment. And if you've been following along all season (I'm talking to you, mom!), you know that the team with the lowest score each week has to partake in a punishment. Unless you're Clay Travis. If that's the case, you pay your way out of humiliation like any other smart rich guy. Can ya blame him?

There won't be any Trump Challenges, public Harry Styles performances, mass amounts of pancake consumption or mayo sandwiches this week - but there should be some embarrassment in Gunz' near future. He'll be heading to the germ and scumbag capital of the world - Times Square - to do...something. What that something is has not yet been determined. But OutKick's sending Gunz to the middle of the Big Apple and hoping he makes it out alive and mask free. That alone is punishment enough.

And even though you can't bet on Gunz leaving the epicenter of Hell unscathed, you can bet on NFL games (and more) with DraftKings. If you follow along with OutKick and visit OutKick.com/Bets you have the opportunity to make $200 off a $5 bet.

I like those odds.

Should We Be Surprised?

After eight weeks, there's a common theme within OutKick's fantasy league. The Bills (Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs), Chargers (Justin Herbert and Austin Eckler), Dolphins (Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle) and Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce) each have two players ranking in the top 20 of individual fantasy points scored. KC's been able to tally an abundance of points despite losing the still-extremely productive Tyreek Hill in the offseason.

But that shouldn't be much of a surprise. Kansas City's offense ALWAYS eats. Then again, so too does their coach, at least when it comes to Mr. Goodbars.

Where We Goin Next Year?

As we've been discussing in this space, we're seeking a location for next season's fantasy draft. As much as we'd like to make it happen - we won't be sipping garage beers at Clay's pad. So we've debated a handful of cities to host our 2023 draft. And while we'd welcome suggestions, recent developments have us eyeing a city with a Hooters as a must.

Don't forget to set your lineups ahead of Thursday Night Football!

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