OutKick Fantasy Football Week 7 Recap

Clay's wallet adds juice to the league and what happened to punishments? That and more in the OutKick fantasy football week 7 recap. Buckle Up!

If you haven't been following along (shame on you), OutKick founder Clay Travis' team stinks. I'm talking old gym socks found in the school book bag from last quarter - stinks! But someone's going to come out of Clay's stink fest smelling like roses.

See, Clay's avoided weekly punishments this season (handed out to the team with the lowest weekly score) because...he's the boss. If Clay doesn't want to pound absurd amounts of pancakes in a limited time, belt out Harry Styles tunes in public, or something worse - he doesn't have to. The man's built a media empire - he can do what he wants. And I prefer job security, so I'll happily look the other way each week when Deshaun Watson's New Masseuse (Clay's team) is shootin' blanks.

In lieu of punishment, Clay has pledged to donate some cold, hard cash (actually, it'll probably be Venmo or Apple Pay, but you get the picture) - each week that he finishes last. Clay's cash will be tossed into a pot and gifted to the winner of OutKick's fantasy football league.

(Editor's Note: I won last year and received nothing but pride - so I'll shoot Clay my Venmo.)

Bye Week Blunder

Two teams who didn't have to worry about finishing last were Atomic Dom and Gym Manning Laundry. Dom Bonvissutto's squad (Atomic Dom) squeaked by Mike Gunzelman's team in the most competitive matchup of last week. Dom's walked away with a 109.46 to 108.60 win. But this should've never happened!

Gunz, as he'll proudly admit, was busy shaking his hips to the new Taylor Swift album and forgot that both his starting QB (Jalen Hurts) and Defense (Buffalo) were on byes. In turn, GML's starting lineup produced two goose eggs.


Maybe Gunz'll shake it off this week. But I doubt it, considering he's about to spend his weekend going toe-to-toe with my rebuilt roster.

And if you're into watching (first off, I'm not one to judge) - you can peek at our rosters and more OutKick banter by following our fantasy football league here. Feel free to use the comment section below to let us know who belongs on the JV squad, which team's transactions reek of desperation and who you're labeling the team to beat.

My Mind On My Money And My Money On My Mind

Now that there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the competitive juices amongst the OutKickers are flowing even more than before. Hell, it's practically Niagara Falls on the fantasy site. This week's early transactions have been a plenty and the biggest Week 8 move (thus far) is a trade between Trey Wallace's Bag Men and Anthony Farris' (hey, that's me) Writers Block.

With each of us sitting at 3-4 (hey, so are the Packers and Bucs!), Trey and I swapped receivers for tight ends in order to make a playoff push. Bag Men sent Darren Waller and Evan Engram my way. Michael Gallup and D.J. Moore are headed out the door.

Who won this trade and why was it me?

Trade aside, the next biggest move was No Punt Intended replacing a former Giant with the current apple of New York's eye. No Punt Intended dropped Odell Beckham Jr. in order to add QB Daniel Jones.

Let's (Not) Ride!

Even before the league's transaction window opened (Thursday morning), one owner sent the NFL's cheesiest player to the scrap heap. Just days after Subway wisely dropped the "Dangerwich" from their menu Dan Zaksheske's Danny Dollars squad did the same with QB Russell Wilson. The most notable and cringeworthy sandwich artist of fall '22 is now looking for work.

Updated OutKick Standings

Seven weeks in, more than half of the league's 14 teams have losing records. Take a look at the updating standings and take a guess which teams are tanking for a shot at C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young.

Right now it looks like a two team race between David Hookstead's Tier One Day Drinkers and Grayson Weir's No Punt Intended. It's probably a safe bet that at least one of the two will finish the season playing for Clay's money.

Speaking of bets...Why not take that $5 you were planning to spend on the now discontinued "Dangerwich" and turn that into $200 from DraftKings? It's a possibility if you click the following linkOutKick.com/Bets).

Is It Drafty In Here?

The fantasy football season is already halfway over, which means we're looking ahead to next year's draft. More specifically, we'd like to find a location to draft in person - a wise man once told me it's more fun to drink with friends than alone. And since this many egos can't all fit through Clay's door, we've begun scouting other locations. Denver, LA and even Cleveland - yes, Cleveland - are amongst the locations we've discussed. But recent developments may have us headed to Miami.

Remember kids, bye weeks are not our friends. See you next week for the Week 8 recap!

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