New Trend, 'Fauci-ing,' Tells You to Dump Boyfriend/Girlfriend If Not Taking COVID Seriously

Cat guys can't get a woman, and guys not taking COVID seriously enough can't keep one.

"Fauci-ing,” a new trend in the dating world, is causing people to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend for not taking COVID as seriously as Dr. Anthony Fauci suggests. "Cutting off a relationship if you don’t think that that other person is serious enough about social distancing and taking the pandemic seriously,” is how the trend was recently explained.

The dating app Plenty of Fish put Fauci-ing on its annual list of the top dating trends to expect in the new year. This phenomenon is real, so start caring.

That's not all. The list also includes "maskerading," where a boyfriend/girlfriend only pretends to care about mask-wearing to date someone. While I don't doubt this is happening, and likely daily, have we not all faked caring about something just to date a certain person at least once? For those saying no, is your partner sitting next to you reading this story?

Advice: don't dig too deep into what your boyfriend/girlfriend "cares" about.

It has been a big day for Fauci (who, for some reason, is on TV with Chuck Todd every week). In addition to getting his name on a list of reasons why people are forced to change their relationship status on Facebook, Fauci won a $1 million award for “defending science” and “speaking truth to power.”

Dream big, aspire to be Dr. Fauci, and don't get dumped.

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