Leader Of California Teachers Union Insists On Masking Children, Attends Rams Game Maskless

California residents tend to roll with what's trendy. And right now, it's en vogue to support mask mandates, especially for children, while ignoring such mandates for yourself.

The most noteworthy current fashionistas in the state are people in positions of power. And that group now includes Jesse Aguilar, a member of the California Teachers Association Board of Directors, who was photographed without a mask at the Rams' NFC Championship Game in late January.

Aguilar deemed it unnecessary to wear a mask, though he's part of a teachers association that recently called to keep children wearing masks in schools.

A Twitter account for fed-up parents of students in Los Angeles public schools, @UTLAUncensored, blasted Aguilar on Monday evening, posting his maskless photo and the following message:

"This California Teachers Association Board of Directors Member, Jesse Aguilar, isn't interested in a 'cautious' approach for adults, only our kids. This is Jesse Aguilar. He went to NFC championship game with 70k strangers - he is #DoneWithCovid but his Union wants kids masked."

Aguilar's hypocrisy is just the latest example of "rules for thee, not for me" amongst the CA elite. LA mayor, Eric Garcetti, also attended the NFC Championship and insisted he was "holding his breath" when a photograph of his maskless mug at the game surfaced and went viral on social media.

California governor Gavin Newsom posed maskless at the same Rams game attended by Aguilar and Garcetti, but assured everyone he only did so briefly for the photo op.

On Sunday, roughly 70,000 strangers, including Garcetti and a who's who of A-list celebrities, attended the Super Bowl maskless, while children throughout California returned to school in masks on Monday.

Predictably, after he was caught maskless, Aguilar refused to except any blame and blatantly lied about his surroundings.

"This person wants to know where my mask was. It was in my pocket. I took it off for the picture. There was nobody in front of me," Aguilar said via a since deleted Facebook post. "I’m glad to wear my mask in a pandemic. It’s not hard and it shows I care about the people around me. I was glad SoFi required proof of vaccination. Getting vaccinated is the sane thing to do in a pandemic. I’m glad sane people behave in a sane manner in an insane time. Where’s your mask?"

It's just a shame they don't (yet) make trendy masks for the lower half of the body. Aguilar could use one to hide his bullshit.


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