Rules For Thee, Not For Me: Gavin Newsom Spotted Maskless At Rams Game

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California governor Gavin Newsom must think that COVID doesn’t spread inside a stadium full of 70,000 people, just in California classrooms. Newsom, who heads the masked mafia of California, was spotted maskless at Sunday’s NFC Championship game, alongside Magic Johnson, who was also maskless.

Despite the fact that he has mandated that California students, teachers and school staff wear masks, Newsom has bounced around town maskless and hobnobbed with celebrities.

Rules for thee, not for me.

“Here’s California governor Gavin Newsom, unmasked indoors at the NFC championship game in LA,” tweeted OutKick founder Clay Travis. “But today every kid in his state will have to wear a mask at school. This is all complete and total insanity.”

You can bet that the Newsom PR team is frantically scrambling to release a statement that says something like, “Governor Newsom is fully vaccinated, has been boosted 11 times, only took the mask off to take a picture, then immediately put his mask and trusty face shield back on. He then thoroughly washed his hands and promptly tested negative for COVID. (Shoutout to Big Pharma for the BinaxNOW rapid test he can carry with him wherever he goes!) He would like to remind everyone, especially young kids, to wear masks at all times, perhaps even while sleeping. Go Lakers.”

This is just the latest example of coronabro confusion. Newsom surely wants everyone, especially those who are immunocompromised, to mask up, take fourteen jabs, and hole up at home. Yet, he’s indoors, with 70,000 of his closest friends, and posing for a picture with a man who is the sheer definition of immunocompromised. Magic Johnson, who has freakin’ HIV!

Even Magic doesn’t have a mask. But little Susie and Sam in the third grade will have to wear their masks during outdoor recess at school today.

I guess the 49ers weren’t the only losers inside of SoFi Stadium last night.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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