Joe Biden Blatantly Lies About Why He Quit College Football

It's hard to tell if Joe Biden is lying because he can't help it, or if he's lying because his memory is so far gone.

Quite literally every day in the past few weeks, Biden has engaged in increasingly bizarre behavior.

After completing a recent speech, he apologized to no one, grabbed a woman's shoulder, and creepily rubbed another woman's face.


Then after a reporter asked him about Democrats shying away from calling him in to campaign events, he mumbled incoherently in response for several sentences without ever once forming a cogent, coherent thought.

On Thursday though, he returned to doing what he's done best throughout his political career; he blatantly lied.

During yet another speech, Biden made the claim that he left a starting role on his college football team to visit his first wife each weekend:

Except, of course, that heartwarming story isn't true.

Biden actually was essentially forced to quit because his grades were so poor, something that he's even admitted himself in his 2007 book.

But Biden's never let facts get in the way of a story he wants to tell.

Imagine if the mainstream media cared about "facts" and accuracy from politicians it supports. If former President Donald Trump said something like this, it would lead nightly news stories for days, with the "fact checking" industrial complex referencing it repeatedly as an example of a president who can't be trusted.

Instead, Biden will get away with it, as he usually does, because the media covers for his mistakes, inappropriate behavior and obvious mental decline.

Thankfully, despite the media's best efforts, many members of the general public have seen through the obvious political agenda.

There might not be a more perfect indication of the type of person and politician Biden is than the fact that not only did he lie about the reason he left college football, he lied because he had a 1.9 GPA at the University of Delaware.