In Battle Between Spotify And Artists, Jon Stewart Backs Joe Rogan

Jon Stewart has picked a side in the Spotify battle between Joe Rogan and all the artists, such as Neil Young, who have come out against him. Stewart believes the entire situation is an "overreaction."

Stewart's backing Rogan and open discourse. He can't get behind those like Young, who are taking their ball and going home rather than playing ball.

"I think there are dishonest bad actors in the world and identifying those is so much more important to me," Stewart said during a Thursday episode of his podcast, The Problem With Jon Stewart. "Don't leave. Don't abandon. Don't censor. Engage."

Stewart is hardly the only celebrity to back Rogan. Howard Stern and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have both sided with the podcast behemoth. Like them, Stewart believes that different views should be accepted and used to start conversation.

“Engage. I’m not saying that it’s always going to work out, truthfully, but I am always of the mindset that engagement, and especially with someone like a Joe Rogan, who is not in my mind an ideologue in any way," Stewart said via his podcast. He never actually finishes this sentence, but we like to think he'd say such engagement with Rogan would be healthy and productive.

Though he waffles a bit and expresses gratitude to platforms that deliberately violate the First Amendment, he still comes down on the side of open conversation, and that's a good thing.

"There's no question that there is egregious misinformation that's purposeful and hateful, and that being moderated is a credit to the platforms that run them. But this overreaction to Rogan, I think, is a mistake."

As it stands, Young's going to need a new game plan, because his team's being shut out.


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