The Rock Supports Joe Rogan Amid Spotify Controversy

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made it known on how he feels about Joe Rogan amid claims that The Joe Rogan Experience host is spreading misinformation about COVID-19 on Spotify.

Rogan took to Instagram Sunday to address the backlash from artists such as Neil Young, who had his music withdrawn from Spotify in protest. Johnson, who largely remains apolitical, commented on Rogan’s post in support.

“Great stuff here brother. Perfectly articulated,” Johnson wrote. “Look forward to coming on one day and breaking out the tequila with you.”

The two share a friendship, with Rogan at one point saying he would vote for Johnson if he ran for office.

In the near 10-minute video, Rogan defended the guests he’s brought on, including Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone. McCullough has been outspoken against the vaccines for their ineffectiveness.

“I’m just a person who sits down with people and has conversations with them. Have I got things wrong before? Absolutely,” Rogan said. “But I try to correct things I have done, because I am interested in telling the truth and finding out what the truth is.

“I am interested in having interesting conversations with people that have differing opinions. I am not interested in only talking to people that have one perspective. That’s one of the reasons I had Sanjay Gupta on, who I respect very much and I really enjoyed our conversation together. He has a different opinion to those two people.

“I had Michael Osterholm on at the beginning of the pandemic. He’s on President Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board. I had Dr. Peter Hotez, who is a vaccine expert. I am interested in finding out what’s correct and how people come to those conclusions and what the facts are.”

Rogan ended by emphasizing that his main focus has always been to feature all kinds of opinions in order to find out the truth.

“I don’t want to just show the contrary opinion to what the narrative is,” Rogan said. “I want to show all kinds of opinions, so that we can all figure out what’s going on — and not just about COVID, about everything. About health, about fitness wellness, the state of the world itself.”

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