Huffington Post Touts Cop-Killer, Young-Mother-Killer For Accusing DeSantis Of Worse Than Murder

The Huffington Post published an article on Thursday framing a man named Donald Dillbeck a victim of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Dillbeck once killed two people. One victim was a police officer.

Dillbeck earned a spot on death row in 1991. Yet HuffPo headlined its profile on him, "Florida Executes Man Used As ‘Political Pawn’ By Ron DeSantis."

Author Jessica Schulberg downplayed Dillbeck's atrocities with lines such as the following:

"DeSantis, who is expected to run for president, signed Dillbeck’s death warrant last month on the same day that he floated changing state law to allow non-unanimous juries to impose death sentences."

Readers of HuffPo, an inherently uninformed group, are likely unaware that Dillbeck also killed a young mother while on the run for killing the officer.

The author didn't include such detail. Nor the victim's family's letter. She did, however, note his final words to DeSantis."

"Suck our "d*cks."

The outlet promoted the piece by quoting Dillbeck saying the governor has done "a lot worse" than he has. HuffPo didn't acknowledge the insanity of a two-time murderer accusing DeSantis of worse.

Journalism-ing in 2023.

DeSantis' rise in politics has the left-wing media so on tilt that they are siding with a violent criminal. The Huffington Post is not alone.

Over at NBC, host Andrea Mitchell continues to lie about the governor's stance on teaching slavery in the classroom.

DeSantis (correctly) kept his state open during Covid. He fought back with the titan known as Disney. He opposes perverted teachers from discussing genitalia with young children who are not theirs.

Thereby he shares time with Donald Trump as the Boogeyman over whom the Left seethes.

Still, portraying a man who killed a police officer, escaped jail, and stabbed a young mother to death as a victim shows a new degree of desperation from the corporate press.

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