Death Row Inmate Slams Ron DeSantis Before Execution: ‘Suck Our D*cks’

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Former death row inmate Donald Dillbeck used his final moments on this planet to take a shot at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Dillbeck was executed Thursday night for the brutal 1990 murder of Faye Lamb Vann. Instead of using his final moments to simply focus on the pain and carnage he caused Vann’s family, he decided to tell Ron DeSantis to “suck our d*cks” before the needle hit his arm.

“I know I hurt people when I was young. I really messed up. But I know Ron DeSantis has done a lot worse. He’s taken a lot from a lot of people. I speak for all men, women and children. He’s put his foot on our necks. Ron DeSantis and other people like him can suck our dicks,” Dillbeck said for his final words, according to the Tallahassee Democrat (via Daily Beast).

Donald Dillbeck uses final moments of life to rip Ron DeSantis. (Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Donald Dillbeck slammed Ron DeSantis before his death.

I’m sure Ron DeSantis is crying himself to sleep at night knowing a man who *quickly checks notes* murdered a woman and was executed for his horrific and evil actions doesn’t like him.

There’s an old saying in life that you can find out a lot about what a man stands for by who his enemies are. I’d say having Dillbeck, a sadistic killer who also killed a police officer as a teenager, as your enemy means you must be doing something right.

Death row inmate Donald Dillbeck slams Ron DeSantis before execution. (Credit: Florida Department of Corrections)

Ron DeSantis has done worse than him? Really? While it might not be protocol, he should have been allowed to explain himself before the juice hit his veins. What exactly has Ron DeSantis done that is worse than murdering a defenseless woman?

Is it making Florida a place where woke goes to die worse? What about fighting transgender shows for kids? Is that worse than murdering a woman? I most certainly think not.

Politics aside, there’s nothing Ron DeSantis has done that should ever be mentioned in the same sentence as murder. I don’t care if you like him or not. You can hate him. That’s your right, but you can’t be rational and claim his policies are worse than slaughtering an innocent person. Only one person got executed for their actions Thursday night, and it damn sure wasn’t the most popular Republican governor in the country.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ripped by death row inmate Donald Dillbeck shortly before his death. (Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

I sure hope DeSantis, who is believed to be a leading contender to be the Republican nominee in 2024, is able to recover. He’s probably crying around the clock knowing killers don’t like him. What a shame, Donald. What a shame.

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