Florida's Surgeon General Posts About Increased Cardiac-Related Deaths After mRNA Vaccination, Immediately Gets Censored by Twitter

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo has been one of the few expert voices willing to speak out against endless COVID restrictions, mask mandates, and universal vaccination without discussion of risk.

For these crimes, he's often vilified and dismissed by the sea of activist doctors who serve as enforcers of the left's preferred narratives on COVID.

On Friday, Ladapo's department issued one of their most important releases, an analysis by Florida's Department of Health into cardiac-related deaths among young men within the first 28 days after vaccination with one of the mRNA products from Pfizer or Moderna.

Ladapo posted the update on Twitter:

And naturally, since it went against the proclamations of the media, Dr. Fauci, Big Tech and the circle of liberal activists with credentials who are active on Twitter, the website rapidly censored the post.

Thankfully, after a massive pressure campaign, Twitter backed down and reinstated the tweet.

There are many concerning details surrounding this story, first of which is the obvious, that COVID-19 mRNA vaccine mandates for young men are entirely indefensible.

They were always indefensible, considering the extremely low risk involved for the overwhelming majority of men in the 18-39 age group and the inarguable fact that the vaccines were and are completely ineffective at preventing infection or transmission.

While many believe that COVID mandates have gone by the wayside, it's unfortunately not true.

Many colleges are enforcing mandates on young men entering or continuing school, not just for the initial vaccination series, but for boosters as well.

The military also has a vaccine mandate, which the Department of Defense confirmed will continue under the laughable justification that it helps "readiness."

A number of corporations also continue to maintain mandates, limiting employment opportunities.

All for mRNA vaccines that exclusively have personal benefits, before efficacy rapidly wanes, and carry a not insignificant amount of risk for younger men.

The official Health Department guidance page quotes Ladapo on this exact subject:

“Studying the safety and efficacy of any medications, including vaccines, is an important component of public health,” said Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. “Far less attention has been paid to safety and the concerns of many individuals have been dismissed – these are important findings that should be communicated to Floridians.”

Within the analysis itself, the department acknowledges several limitations, such as not being able to determine the "causative nature" of a participant's death.

It also explains that there was no statistically significant increase in all-cause deaths within 28 days after vaccination.

But of course, the results are being used to label Ladapo and his department as "anti-vaxxers," despite the specific guidance being issued as a result of substantial analysis.

The increased risk of complications after vaccination has been acknowledged by European countries like Sweden and Denmark, where some vaccines have been paused for those under 30, because politicization of science there isn't as extensive as in the United States.

Twitter rushed to censor an eminently qualified expert and his team anyway.

Elon Musk can't take over soon enough.

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