ESPN's Mark Jones Twitter Likes Post Mocking 'MAGA' Nick Bosa's ACL Injury

ESPN's Mark Jones is having a day. First, he sent out an irresponsible anti-police tweet less than 24 hours after two officers were shot in Louisville. Jones also "Twitter Liked" a caption mocking Nick Bosa suffering a season-ending injury. Of course, the tweet mentioned Bosa's support of President Trump. Why else would a sportscaster enjoy an ACL injury?

As of 2:11 p.m. ET, Jones still has the tweet liked.

This is disgusting. ESPN should be ashamed and Jones should be embarrassed. Enjoying a player suffering a potentially career-ending injury because they support the president is despicable. This tells us everything we need to know about Mark Jones.

It's not a coincidence. One doesn't Twitter Like that post before sending out a hate-spreading tweet about the police.

ESPN personalities seem fond of players who don't bow to the mob tearing their ACLs. This summer, Dan Le Batard asked if it was "funny" Jonathan Isaac blew out his knee because he stood for the national anthem. After warranted backlash, Le Batard apologized.

Alarming is the only way to describe this. No sane human finds joy in others' pain for any reason.

Mark Jones is off the rails. And, as history shows, far from consistent:

Update: Mark Jones liked another tweet mocking Nick Bosa's injury:


When reached by Outkick, ESPN declined to comment on the matter.

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