Elon Musk Is Correct, Media Is Racist Against White People, Asians: Bobby Burack

Elon Musk responded to a tweet questioning the media's portrayal of Scott Adams, the target of media persecution.

The cartoonist recently advised white people to stay away from black people. Adams made the comment in context to a Rassmussen poll that found nearly 30% of black Americans say it's "not okay" to be a white person.

The San Francisco Chronicle and outlets alike have declared Adams a racist for his remarks, while ignoring the black respondents who suggest being white is some kind of sin.

Musk attributed the disparate reaction to a racial bias in the media:


Outlets have ignored that Musk also agreed in a tweet that Adams’ comments “weren’t good" but included a complex "element of truth."

There was a time in which newsrooms favored white people -- some decades ago. And that was awful. But just as awful has been the response to their previous biases.

Guilty white news executives have since tried to overcompensate for said perception with overt racism toward white people, and sometimes Asians.

Media-induced racial hatred

Ironically, it is the media portrayal of white people that is most to blame for 26% of black Americans saying it is “not okay to be white" and another 21% responding that it "might not be okay."

As we explained in a recent column, there's a concerted effort by the media to inflame the fear of white supremacy. There are substantial political, financial, and societal gains to such tensions:

Thereby the corporate press lies to black Americans by telling them the white folk seeks to harm them. Former ESPN host Jemele Hill recently told a group of young black Vanderbilt students that the police force is “designed” not to protect black Americans.

She encouraged them to take matters into their own hands.

Likewise, the usual suspects from CNN to NBC to ABC spent much of the past month arguing that the five black Memphis officers who killed Tyre Nichols did so on the basis of white nationalism.

Media outlets have excused lawlessness in the name of BLM.

Fighting racism with racism

The press incites racial hatred by urging black Americans to resent their white counterparts. Rassmussen concludes at least 30 percent do.

"Same thing happened with elite colleges & high schools in America," Musk tweets.

Admission changes to throttle the acceptable rate of Asians at major universities, and recent videos of school teachers spreading anti-white propaganda would prove Musk's second remark correct.

Just one of many examples:


Scott Adams' comments were in poor taste. He sought to make a point, that the hatred toward white people, per the poll, is dangerous. Yet he failed to do so eloquently.

But far more consequential than some cartoonists' comments is that only half of black respondents consider being white acceptable, a consequence of the media's role in inflaming an unjust fear of white supremacy.

"The media is racist," Elon Musk concludes.

Simply and accurately put.

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