Maryland Middle School Hires Teacher Who Wants Black People To Burn The United States To Ground

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Lane Cogdill is a non-binary middle school teacher. Cogdill used to teach history in a small town called Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Ze — Cogdill sometimes declares their pronouns ze/zir — now teaches at Silver Spring International Middle School in Maryland.

Cogdill changed states after a viral TikTok video two years ago in which ze declared that black Americans built this country and thus have the right to “burn the motherf***er to the ground.”

Cogdill claims that it’s “white supremacy” to oppose rioting and thievery.

“White people I’m [going to] need you to do better because your opinion on this is at best, irrelevant, and at worst, literally propagating white supremacy,” Ze claims.

According to Fox News Digital, the teacher claims zir behavior, including sharing multiple nonbinary identities with students during their first encounters, is part of district policy.

District policy, huh?

The district told Fox News they were looking into the matter on Monday.

The pro-Black Lives Matter teacher has also admitted to intentionally concealing students’ gender changes.

“Cogdill said that when students question their gender, the teacher will ask them for their name and pronouns and would help hide it from school administrators and parents upon request,” the outlet reports.


Lane Cogdill is disturbed. Parents ought to demand Cogdill’s removal immediately.

Encouraging violence in the name of racial justice has become common practice for journalists and MSNBC anchors. But Cogdill is doing so while leading a classroom of imprisonable middle schoolers.

Ze is indoctrinating students with idea that black Americans have to right to burn cities and steal, and that it’s racist to say otherwise.

Just as egregious as those remarks is a Maryland school district allowing Cogdill to continue teaching while the district zir’s racist, mob-inciting social media videos.


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