Dwyane Wade, One Of The Wokest People On Planet, Says Racism To Blame For Heat 'Big Three' Criticism

Dwyane Wade said in a recent interview that he's convinced a big reason people are critical of the Miami Heat's Big Three is because of racism.

As you probably recall, the Heat's Big Three comprised Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh. They were together from 2010 to 2014 and appeared in the NBA Finals in each season they were together, winning back-to-back titles in 2012 and 2013.

Wade appeared on an episode of JJ Redick and Tommy Alter's podcast The Old Man & The Tree, and discussed the reaction to the team and their success.

Wade's argument started innocently enough, explaining that prior to the Heat's Big Three, teams were built by front offices. He believes that his trio upset the status quo.

"Organizations made trades; that's what happened," Dwyane Wade said. "That moment when we made the decision, as players, and put the control in the player's hands and changed the dynamics of what people are used to, you're always going to get hate."

The ability to move from one team to another of the player's choice? That's not exactly revolutionary— that's just free agency—and it's exactly the mechanism through which Bosh and James arrived in Miami.

But, fine. The argument can at least be made that The Big Three was different from what fans were used to seeing in terms of team-building.

It would have been fine if Wade decided to stop there, but the Woke Hall of Famer couldn't resist playing the race card.

"We knew that some of the hate was because of our skin color,” Wade said. “Because of being Black men and deciding to control the fate of our careers. … So, when we had the power, when we had the moment, we took it. But some of the hate came because we were three Black guys who decided and changed the way that the NBA probably would ever be because of that decision.”

Everything Always Comes Back To Racism

When you go full woke, you start to weave things like race and gender into everything. Wade is no stranger to taking his arguments down the racism path.

Not only that, he he has a transgender daughter, formerly his son, so Wade has to uphold his mantle as arguably the wokest person in America. Maybe the world.

But let's stick with these comments and dissect them a bit. His assertion is that people hated Miami's Big Three not because they ruined the NBA by ushering in the nearly unwatchable Super Team era, but because of racism.

Then, you have to wonder, about whom is he speaking when he's talking about "haters." Is he talking about NBA fans? NBA media? He must mean the notoriously racist NBA media. The NBA media that openly stated it would only consider black applicants for a new gig. Yeah, they're racist alright. Just not in the direction that Wade is insinuating.

It's not Wade's fault. The wokes have learned that if you talk about race and play the victim, you get more attention. And Dwyane Wade has proven that he loves himself some attention. It's almost too bad that we have to write about him and give him more of that attention that he craves.

But we have a duty here at OutKick to point out the ridiculousness of comments like these, so here we are. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the last time Wade says something dumb like this, so we'll surely be back here sooner rather than later.

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