Dave Chappelle Attacked By Audience Member At Hollywood Bowl

Comedian Dave Chappelle provided audience members with more than just laughs Tuesday evening. While performing at LA’s Hollywood Bowl, Chappelle was tackled by an audience member who rushed the stage, providing fans in attendance with a brief scare and a good story.

Chappelle, 48, was mid-joke just before 11 pm when his attacker charged the stage and lunged towards the comedian/actor. Within seconds, Hollywood Bowl security returned the favor, sending the raging audience member to the floor.

UPDATE: Isaiah Lee, 23, has been identified as the attacker. He has been arrested by LAPD, per Heavy.com.


Chappelle was unharmed during the attack, though the same can't be said for the man who tried to take him out. Video showed the man being stretchered into an ambulance with his elbow pointing in the wrong direction.

Watch the attacker meet with venue security to exchange pleasantries below.

And about that elbow...It's not really a funny bone when it's facing the opposite way.

See for yourself.

Following the fracas, a seemingly unbothered Chappelle continued his performance, admitting to the audience: “I don’t know if that was part of the show. I grabbed the back of that n–s head, his hair was spongy, absorbent.”

He later joked with the still stunned audience, "It was a trans man" -- a clear reference to his Netflix special The Closer, which had cancel culture wanting to tackle Chappelle last fall.

The belly laughs and elbow breaks are scheduled to continue through Friday, when the comedy tour concludes.


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