Dan Dakich: Labor Day, Football Weekends Mark A Special Time Of Year

Of all the holidays Labor Day is the most underrated. Don’t @ Me about this. I’ve had enough. I do not care about NIL ( Name Image and Likeness) money made by college football players. 

I do not care about transfer portals.

I do not care about graduation rates.

I do not care about coaches salaries.

I care about appointment TV on Saturday PERIOD!

Watching this weekend did anyone give a rats which players transferred or what car players drove as LSU was working downfield 99 yards to score and “tie” FSU?? 

Nope!! I cared as LSU got it’s extra point blocked and I lost three bets!!

How bout Appalachian State scoring FORTY fourth Quarter points AND LOSING!!! 

And what about Florida’s Anthony Richardson anyone? He is a dynamic football player.

WVU and Pitt?? Instant Classic

Tom Allen and my Indiana Football crew started their road to the College Football Playoffs with a dramatic win over Illinois. 

Back To Labor Day

- Anyone watch Kyrgios v Medvedev? Insane.

- How Bout Dustin Johnson’s LIV win? Actually who cares about DJ or LIV we just like when Paulina Gretzky celebrates.

- House of Dragons …Spectacular.

(BTW, the best sporting event of the weekend was my trouncing Toledo Softball All American Leigh Ross Dakich 4 games to 1 in Pickleball)

Can anyone explain why the mainstream media isn’t covering Hunter Bidens dirty dealings with his Daddy Joe starring as The Big Guy.

Don’t start whining about using The NY Post as a source. The Post, Fox and Outkick.com are the only media covering.

Also, This isn’t “what about” nonsense. 

We all understand that if this were Trump, the coverage would be nonstop. 

That said, how can any normal, rational thinking person not have immense distrust/disdain of a media that refuses to be at least a tad neutral and checking Hustling Hunter??!! 

What exactly do media members gain from letting Hunter slide? More $$? More access?

Seems as if folks in the media wanted to make a name for themselves they’d be all over this. Break or expound on the story, become a modern day Woodward and Bernstein!!

Next: NFL Starts Thursday, Here Are 10 Questions and Predictions For Football Season

- Is Tom Brady really “sad”? 

- Will Christian McCaffery play 10 or more games? … I say no - he never does. 

- Will Kliff Kingsbury or Mike McCarthy make it thru the year? ... I say no on both.. Kyler Murray will whine internally in Arizona and the team will fall apart. All it takes for McCarthy to be canned in Dallas is a three-game losing streak 

- Baker Mayfield and the Panthers will beat the Browns in Week 1

- Trevor Lawrence for comeback Player Of the Year ... Yes!! My spies say he’s gonna be dynamite and weapons are better than advertised. 

- Frank Reich wins Coach of The Year ... Colts should win their division and media love'em some Reich.

- Isn’t it about time Bill Belichick wins without TB12? The divorce has been won by Brady easily.

- Russell Wilson will be NFL MVP.

- Buffalo Bills will break your heart!! ... Josh Allen’s eyes are suspect. The role as a favorite is much different than an ascension role. The eyes never lie.

- Can fans find Amazon Prime video? ... Hells no!

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Dan Dakich is the host of the Don’t @ Me podcast where he provides his take on all the latest trends in sports, and interviews a variety of high-profile sports figures including Tom Izzo, Urban Meyer, Jim Boeheim, among others. Previously, Dakich was the host of The Dan Dakich Show on the Indianapolis radio station WFNI, a studio analyst for the Big Ten Network and covered college basketball for ESPN. Before stepping into broadcasting, Dakich served as the head basketball coach for Bowling Green State University and had brief stints with West Virginia University and Indian University. Dakich also spent many years coaching under Bobby Knight. Dakich graduated from Indiana University.