Conservatives are Losing Tons of Twitter Followers

If you've had a chance to check your Twitter followers this morning, your ego is probably damaged. Oh, unless you've been retweeting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, CNN, and Mike Florio. In that case, your popularity is surging.

Since the middle of the week, Republican politicians, conservative media personalities, and a variety of right-leaning accounts have claimed they are losing Twitter followers at the same rate ESPN lost viewers after High Noon's debut.

Take a look:

Twitter says it routinely deletes and/or suspends spam accounts. Per Twitter's support page, it regularly "challenges accounts to confirm details like email and phone number." If neither is provided, Twitter says "these accounts aren’t included in follower counts."

That doesn't sound politically-driven — as long as you are convinced that users who fail to provide the mandatory information only follow one political party. If don't believe that, you might question the following numbers:

Kamala Harris added nearly 100,000 followers, wow.

To recap the week online, Twitter banned Trump, Google removed Parler from its app store, Apple is threatening to ban Parler, conservative accounts are losing thousands of followers, and Nancy Pelosi emerged as a Twitter star.

Happy Saturday.

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