Complaints Of The Week Include Flipping Between Streamed Sports And U.S. Soccer Health

It’s been a busy week with a lot to trip me up, so inevitably I found a lot of complaints.

Thank you for allowing me to get some of it off my chest here in complaints of the week.

Complaints About Flipping To Streamed Games

I didn’t watch a snap of the Eagles-Texans game Thursday night. The days of flipping between two live events on one TV if one of those games is streamed feel over.

My wife is from Philadelphia, and the Phillies in Game Five of the World Series were her priority. I generally work in front of the TV on Thursday nights so I was not completely plugged in. But I like baseball and for all the Yankee games she’s watched on my behalf, I’ve invested in the Phils.

But they were on Fox, and you can’t just press “last” to go over to the football game now. Changing the source to get over to Amazon Prime is a more extensive process. We the people are used to instant and it’s hardly instant. If you’re out you’re out and if you’re in you’re in. That second part is a good thing for Prime. But I never went in.

Nets Nonsense

In August, Nets owner Joe Tsai acted like a boss. After a meeting with Kevin Durant where the superstar said he wanted coach Steve Nash out, Tsai said tough luck and stuck with his coach.

But all it took was a 2-5 start to end that support. Nash was fired on Tuesday, or as was widely reported, the team and the coach mutually decided to part ways because the situation was so bad.

I’m no NBA guy, in part because the players have such immense power. From what I’ve read the situation seemed to have reached an untenable place. Setting aside the issues that got Ime Udoka suspended by the Celtics (a big set-aside, I know), the Nets will get a coaching upgrade if they do indeed hire Udoka.

Still, an owner backing the coach so staunchly so recently and about-facing bugs me. And GM Sean Marks acting like there was no player input in the decisions is ridiculous. Star players do all the hiring and firing in the NBA.

Michael Thomas

In 2019, Michael Thomas was unstoppable for the Saints. His 149 receptions remain the single-season record, and they produced 1,725 yards and nine TDs. He was going to be on the list of the league’s best receivers for years.

He suffered an ankle injury in the opener in 2020, a hamstring issue followed. He played in only seven games before the ankle became more serious. 

Then rather than having surgery in February or March, he delayed the necessary surgery until June of 2021, which angered coach Sean Payton. It didn’t just eat into 2021, but led to Thomas missing the entire year. (His waiting would have infuriated me if I had any sort of investment in the Saints.) 


Now after three games, 16 catches and 171 yards in his return, Thomas is finished for 2022 as he’s having toe surgery.

So since that magical 2019 we’ve seen him in 10 games. He was on a Hall of Fame track and now he’s invisible. That bums me out.

Soccer Health Complaints

The U.S. men’s national soccer team opens World Cup play on Nov. 21 in Qatar against Wales. 

But ours has been a fragile bunch and the European season bleeds almost directly into the Cup. The Athletic did an excellent piece running through the status of all our guys.

Weston McKinnie, a key midfielder, has a quad injury at Juventus and is due to return about Nov. 15, which is when players report to the U.S. team’s short pre-Cup camp. We have to have a healthy McKinnie but I have little faith. Another important guy, forward Josh Sargent, could return this weekend from a calf injury for Norwich.

Wing Gio Reyna is remarkably healthy. As a friend said, wind him up in bubble wrap until the first game. His injury history is extensive.

Goalkeeper Matt Turner has missed two games in a row for Arsenal with a groin/thigh issue.

I’ve convinced myself to have zero expectations so that anything good comes as a complete surprise. I’ll get to watch the England game in its entirety, but for Wales and Iran I’ll see the first half before hitting the air with OutKick 360 completely distracted.

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