Clay On Kaepernick's Curious Decision

Colin Kaepernick spent the last year publicly shaming the NFL, notably comparing the players and the league's Draft Combine to modern day slavery. But now it appears he wants to rejoin the slave trade. He wants back in.

Last weekend, Kaepernick even auditioned for NFL teams during halftime of Michigan's spring game, for which he was an honorary captain.

That's a curious decision for someone so morally repulsed by the NFL. Repulsed enough to release a Netflix documentary bashing the league's process of researching, testing and signing players, especially at the NFL Draft Combine.

The irony is not lost on OutKick's Clay Travis.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember many slaves becoming hundred millionaires by playing their sport, ie, by being involved in slavery," Travis said about the ludicrous claim that the NFL is akin to slavery. "I also don't remember slavery being voluntary. I don't remember you being able to hold out if you weren't paid enough money."

Not surprisingly, the film from his publicity stunt in Ann Arbor will be used for yet another Kaepernick documentary which will undoubtedly paint the league -- a league he so desperately wants to join again -- in a negative light.

After taking center stage at the Michigan spring game, Kaepernick begged NFL teams to sign him, sending a message to teams that he would "love to sit down with you and have that conversation about how I can help you be a better team," per Jeanna Trotman.

Slavery must not be as bad it used to be. Heck, as Travis notes, plenty of guys are "begging" for the chance to sign up.

"So, what exactly's going on here?" asked Clay. "Is Colin Kaepernick now arguing - as it appears that he certainly is - that he wants to be a slave again?...

"Six months ago, (according to Kap's) Netflix documentary...all NFL players are slaves. This is the equivalent of modern day slavery. And now, he's begging to be a slave. He's begging for an opportunity to be a member of the NFL's slaves. It doesn't make any sense at all."

Maybe he's just a glutton for punishment? Or maybe he should try to audition as a defensive back instead of a quarterback, since he now so deftly back-peddles on the slavery talk whenever he thinks he has a chance to play in the bright lights and receive those fat checks once again.

"He isn't even capable of making a coherent or logical consistent argument about what he is advocating for," added Travis. "It's why he's done almost no interviews. It's why he rarely, if ever, speaks to the media in any way. Because he does not have a sophisticated enough understanding of anything."

NFL players are definitely not slaves, but Kap has become a slave to his ideology.

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