Clay: Inflation Another Example Biden Just Makes Mess Of Everything

If there's one thing we can safely predict during the Biden administration, it's that we will eventually have to surrender our first born for a gallon of gas.

OK, may be not, but it doesn't seem far from that. And gas prices are just part of the massive failures of Joe Biden and his minions at this point. It is pretty clear that under Biden, the United States has become inflation nation.

"Inflation rose again in February, this time to 7.9%, a forty year high," wrote OutKick founder Clay Travis. "Joe Biden’s consistent streak of making everything he touches worse continues."

Biden has been full of excuses when it comes to this financial mess, even going so far as to blame Russia for the skyrocketing gas prices. Of course, gas prices were well on the rise long before Russia's attack on Ukraine, but no one really asked him about them then.

It's no wonder Biden has done so lousy in the polls. He just can't seem to get anything right, and it seems both sides of the political aisle agree on at least that much.

“The Biden presidency is going up in ashes right now, even worse than with Afghanistan, even worse than with inflation and the border and the murder rate,” Clay said during a recent Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show. “Everything Biden touches turns more into a disaster.”