Clay & Buck: This Is Price World Pays For Weak Biden Presidency

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton spent almost their entire broadcast on Thursday discussing the ramifications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and they basically came to the same conclusion:

Some of this is the result of Joe Biden’s “weakness” as president.

And with that in mind, it makes you wonder how far Russian president Vladimir Putin will go.

“Neither you nor I can tell this audience that they should have any faith in the primary decision-makers in the United States government,” Buck said. “Leadership matters from the White House, and we don’t have it right now.”

Based on Biden’s first year in office, though, this isn’t exactly a surprise, Clay insisted.

“The Biden presidency is going up in ashes right now, even worse than with Afghanistan, even worse than with inflation and the border and the murder rate,” Clay said. “Everything Biden touches turns more into a disaster.”

Added Buck, “I think it’s hard for people to forget about, or I hope they won’t forget about it because it just shows you that there was so much of what we’ve all been put through for two years here that was about politics and power.”

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Written by Sam Amico

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