Chelsea Handler Supports Cancel Culture, Says 'Republicans' Are Greatest Threat to Women

In case you thought Hollywood celebrities weren't entirely hypocritical, Chelsea Handler is here to tell you you're wrong.

Variety conducted a lengthy interview with the former comedian, and it exemplifies virtually everything wrong with the modern entertainment business.

Handler comes across a delusional political activist first, entertainer second. And unsurprisingly, she fails at both.

The interview starts with what she did when the COVID pandemic started, and naturally, her first concern was Trump.

“I tried to skedaddle and wanted to get the hell out of dodge, just in case Donald Trump got elected again,” Handler said.

Like any good wealthy liberal, Handler fled to an upscale ski resort in Canada to avoid the pandemic. Early on in the outbreak, the rich left generally let "essential" workers get the virus while they escaped to their vacation homes.

Handler was unsurprisingly one of them.

Trump derangement syndrome is clearly evident throughout the interview. Her obsession with him even manifested into abandoning comedy in favor of activism.

“I don’t think this country is going to hell in a handbasket, which is what I thought for so long,” she said. “I’ve always been politically aware, but Trump sent me over the rafters. It is my responsibility as a well-known female to make sure I am standing up for women all the time.”

But it gets so, so much worse.

Handler Makes Insane Claims, Puts Politics First

In case you thought she had any semblance of sanity remaining, one of her answers will end that misconception.

When asked who the greatest threat to women is in the modern world, she quickly answered "Republicans."

Not rising crime or inflation, not countries where women are oppressed or killed for their views, but Republicans.

Modern Hollywood is so consumed with its own stupidity and echo chambers that it can't understand how utterly absurd this sounds.

While gender activists redefine words to erase women, Handler claims Republicans are the biggest threat. Nonsensical.

Then just a few minutes later, she blames Hollywood executives for the lack of women on late night television.

While begging for another shot at a television show, she called network heads.

“I need to get back in because where are the women? Every head of every network should be ashamed that they haven’t given a female a talk show,” she said.

Network heads, who are almost universally liberal, apparently also hate women. Handler seemingly has no awareness of the inherent contradiction in her arguments.

Identity is All That Matters

To her, what makes shows good, entertaining and successful isn't if they're funny, it's that they hit the right identity groups.

“Everything is white and old and boring," she says about late night television.

Handler repeated that criticism when discussing Louis C.K., "It just shows you that old white guys are in charge," she says.

She certainly doesn't seem to like old white guys, does she!

Except, of course, her manager is this man.

Irving Azoff, who is 75 years old.

Boy, she doesn't seem to mind old white guys when they can help make her money, does she?

Of course, her attitude towards cancel culture is equally absurd.

“Don’t discriminate against people that are marginalized. That’s it. Those are the only parameters. And so, everyone could stop bitching and complaining about it," she said.

This is the exact attitude that results in "comedy" writers boycotting a television show for booking a comedian.


It's also the same attitude that's destroying comedy as a medium.

There are obviously some lines that shouldn't be crossed, but comedy is supposed to be subversive. It's supposed to poke fun at modern life, whether through observations or articulating what others won't.

But Handler's idea of "comedy" is so repressive and boring that she named her tour "Vaccinated and Horny." Oof.

It's no wonder her most recent TV show lasted all of 11 episodes.

She has nothing new or interesting to say, just mindless, generic activism and identity politics.

Sounds exactly like modern Hollywood. Continued failure with zero awareness.

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