Brittney Griner Prisoner Exchange For Well Fed, Well Rested Viktor Bout Caught On Video

On Thursday, news broke that the United States and Russia agreed to a prisoner exchange to bring Brittney Griner home.

The deal, brokered by Joe Biden, has been heavily criticized for giving up far too much to get Griner back. He made the decision to release Viktor Bout back to the Russians, a horrific arms dealer with a monstrous track record.

NEW FOX NEWS VIDEO FOOTAGE: Plane Carrying Griner Lands In U.S.

An additional, and extremely valid, criticism, is that Biden left Paul Whelan, a former Marine, in a Russian prison.

Although there are legitimate reasons why the two U.S. prisoners would require separate negotiations.

The exchange for Griner, however, was carried out today, and the moment was captured on video from the UAE.

Griner walks towards the U.S. officials, while Bout comes towards the camera smiling, after shaking hands with Russians.

Vast Difference in Treatment for Griner

As if there were doubts about the difference in treatment between prisoners in America and Russia, Bout looks happy, well rested and fed.

Griner, meanwhile, was set to face inhumane conditions in a Russian jail. One report said that they "starve" their inmates, with one former prisoner described as looking like a "concentration camp victim."

Her crime was for "drug smuggling" due to a vape cartridge containing cannabis. Bout's crimes involved supporting Colombian terrorists in their attempts to kill Americans.

Yet Griner was to be set to be punished with food so bad, "stray cats" wouldn't eat it. Bout, meanwhile, looks none the worse for wear after his stint in an American prison.

And now he's heading back to Russia, avoiding the remainder of a 25-year sentence. Sure helps to have Joe Biden negotiating, doesn't it?

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