Brian Stelter Joins Harvard to Warn of 'Threats Against Democracy'

Former CNN host Brian Stelter is joining Harvard to warn students about "threats against democracy."

On Monday, Harvard named Stelter the Fall 2022 Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow.

We do not have information on how you can attend these seminars. Yet we pledge to provide any information we learn.

Harvard says it turned to Stelter to convene discussions about the fate of democracy and the state of the news media.

"These discussions with media leaders, policy makers, politicians, and Kennedy School students, fellows, and faculty will help deepen public and scholarly understanding about the current state of the information ecosystem and its impacts on democratic governance," Harvard says.

For Stelter, it's a natural fit. CNN and Harvard share many similarities. Privileged snobs make up the roster at both institutions. They preach about injustices as they discuss and treat subjects differently based on their skin colors.

The wacky "Deep History" professor at Harvard likely looks and rules like former CNN President Jeff Zucker, a legend only in their own minds.

CNN and Harvard scowl at those who do not share an always-evolving progressive worldview. Just 6% of Harvard students have conservative values, while only about 9% of CNN viewers lean Right.

Axios reports that Stelter plans to bring "Reliable Sources," his former CNN program, to the campus. He'll hold 60-minute discussions about media and democracy. Stelter will preach to the same choir that he did at CNN.

It's unclear if new lead CNN media guy Oliver Darcy, who's far less credible than Stelter, will attend the seminars to warn of Russian collusion.

Again, we will update you as we learn more.

Harvard is aggressively beefing up its fellowships this fall. In addition to Stelter, the school recently handed former Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio a coveted fellowship at the Harvard Institute of Politics (IOP).

That's right. Down the hall from Stelter is the mayor who quoted and sympathized with Karl Marx.

It's not that Stelter's political views or media strategy is inherently wrong. It is that Harvard refuses to provide a counterpoint at a place that swears by a marketplace of ideas.

Society brands Ivy institutions as superior in knowledge -- they are not. Rather, Harvard and Yale are indoctrination camps for groupthink. They are circle-jerks of intolerance to opposing ideas, a rejection of independent thinking.

Harvard claims to only send the best and the brightest students into the workforce. We have determined that to be a lie. 

How? Because Joy Reid graduated from the university...

As Thomas Sowell once said, "The road to hell is paved with Ivy League degrees."

"Fox & Friends" co-host Pete Hegseth graduated from Harvard and mailed his degree back. He spoke to OutKick about the lack of independence that students have at an Ivy League university:

"It's almost as if every bad idea is laundered in these Ivy League institutions. . You're not taught to think freely, you're not tolerated to think freely in these places. You are told there's one view, follow your orthodoxy, and you will get your degree which will open every door for you for the rest of your life. But you must obey.

" talks about the media as the enemy of the people. That's part of what the president has done so well. He has ripped open the conversation and pulled back the curtain to reveal that we're being lied to by a lot of these elites that are more than prepared to sell America down the river. He is right. But the Ivy League is the enemy of the people, too.".

Harvard formulated a plan, with Stelter's help, to train students to destroy threats against democracy. That's invaluable information, but may be available temporarily.

Brian Stelter is only committed to the fall as he continues to plot his next media move. And he's likely to have a list of options, across various mediums.

Thus, students planning to fight right-wing extremists with their Harvard degrees best act swiftly. Democracy is at stake.

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